Prepositions after "baffle"

"baffle by" or "baffle as"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 67% of cases baffle by is used
    I'd positively baffled by this.
    Totally baffled by this response.
    I'd totally baffled by this guy anik.
    I was frankly baffled by the sinister, Hades-like Emoto Hed, who wants to eat Bob's pet Eck.
    Akram welcomed the inclusion of pacer Varun Aaron but is baffled by the presence of RP Singh.
    I was baffled by the fact that the CNRS made no attempt to counter-balance the ambassador's partiality.
    Dave, meanwhile, is still baffled by his success as a mechanic; a trade which he has mastered more by accident than design.
    Sreemathi said that one is baffled by the way things are shaping up because there is no evidence to link Jayarajan in this case.
    Now, ladies some of you are going to hate the fact that I'd giving away some secrets but I was truly baffled by this conversation.

    In 17% of cases baffle as is used
    But, many still baffled as to why we haven't do it.
    As an avid saver I'd baffled as to what to do with my money.
    Boris didn't take office as the London Mayor until 4th May 2008, so I'd baffled as to how he could have exerted influence on the logo.
    Or you don't really care and you're just arguing for some other reason, in which case, I'd still really baffled as to what that's supposed to achieve.
    However, I'd baffled as to how we do this given the lack of, and often negative, media coverage when it comes to Labour? Or any opposition party for that.

    In 9% of cases baffle at is used
    He seemed utterly shocked and baffled at the star's premature death.
    The film had bombed at box-office leaving Taurani all baffled at the big loss.
    Whatever her agenda might be, her facial expressions reflected sincerity and she seemed genuinely baffled at the opposition against TA.

    In 3% of cases baffle with is used
    The city will leave you baffled with its majesty and oozing class where you will be swarmed with options leaving you spoilt for choices.
    RULE NUMBER 7: Get professional advice If you are still baffled with the numerous tips and how to get the right makeup for your skin then get professional help.

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