Prepositions after "bad"

"bad for" or "bad of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases bad for is used

Yes, smoke is bad for the body.

It would be bad for the nation.

I feel bad for the far-righters.

My kids are the worst for making a face at new foods, hopefully they'll get better at.

Among the many reasons is that business people know Barack would be bad for the economy.

I feel bad for those who did stock up on provisions but were flooded out of their homes.

JANUARY The Champagne industry does its best to put a positive spin on 2009's sales figures - the worst for decades.

It turned out that when we did go there, we took our excellent Naval Air Force with us, and that was bad for the Japs.

Also too bad for those people who have a work ethic and do there best to work hard and don't fit into lazy sterotypes.

Make no mistake, we are going to find you and every extra day the search takes only makes the outcome worse for you.

In 17% of cases bad of is used

And they are in how bad of shape.

Not too bad of an episode really.

That was the worst of the stay.

We're actually much worse of here than the US in terms of freedom of speech/expression.

You really are making it up and as politicians go, I think your the worst of the bunch.

AND THE WORST of all was the boredom I felt with him in real life, the lack of passion.

I dare say that it is better where you are going and never ever look back because when you do, you would be worse of.

Vancomycin and Cipro are among the baddest of the badass antibiotics doctors have right now for fighting infection.

Some days I feel like a hard core eco warrior, other days I feel like I am just as bad as the worst of the consumers.

Packed with real-world tips and tricks, you'll learn firsthand how to handle the worst of the worst in any situation.

In 14% of cases bad in is used

Weather turns bad in the evening.

Just as bad in the music industry.

He was bad in the second half too.

Why do they want to feel better? usually because they are feeling bad in the first place.

I think the engineering sector is over saturated and will only get worse in the future.

Our facilities were just about the worst in the conference; now they're so much better.

The foundation at left, the worst in the whole camp, has worked itself out of the ground by about 30 cm, or one foot.

The blight effected potato crops in most of Europe, but was particularly bad in the Low Countries, Germany and Ireland.

Reply TBI September 3, 2012 at 5:37 am - Hi Guys, The game against Athletico was probably the worst in the Roman Era.

His other companion is resigning as of January 15; he claims the drive is too long and the traffic bad in the evenings.

In 8% of cases bad about is used

Don't feel bad about the Earth.

Too bad about the shortcomings.

Too bad about the cold weather.

It seems to me that the climate panic sums up all that's worst about modern society.

They're often delivered by the computer to make you feel not too bad about the result.

What Is So Bad About Short-Term Loans? Short-term loans are available in small amount.

Too bad about the death of BookWorld but it wasn't around for a long time either, about a generation or two I think.

Usage? If you can say anything bad about the the WikiReader is that its just a browser for the Wikipedia and eBooks.

At the time LTTE was controlling North East Sri Lanka, BBC Tamil Service never reported anything bad about the LTTE.

At once he compels you to assume both the best and worst about him; at once he can prove you both right and wrong.

In 6% of cases bad at is used

Governments are just bad at it.

I wasn't bad at the game myself.

They're exceptionally bad at it.

The economy was bad at the time so I started volunteering, and I've been here ever since.

She was worse at the beginning and the end of sleep!!! That is a red flag for Lachesis.

I am the world's worst at picking apart a larger muffin than leaving it in crumbs because I only wanted a tiny taste.

Lastly, wile pretend to be good at playing a children's card game actually being bad at it and when your about to loss.

I chose to delete this website because it was difficult to use their program and the support was bad at the free level.

What do you think startups in Ireland need most right now? The thing that people are worst at is customer acquisition.

In 3% of cases bad by is used

Faith in bad by its very nature.

This is getting worse by the day.

It's getting worse by the second.

They vote for the good stuff by spending their dollars on it and weed out the bad by not.

The Weimar Republic inherited a huge war debt, made worse by the burden of reparations.

Skiing is one of the less exciting sports, which isn't to say that it's bad by any means.

It also would have been worse by going to the breast and she would have refused the breast not have it calm her down.

What some people feel about it Most people feel really bad by the time they get into specialist mental health services.

No matter how beautiful a relationship begun, it can still turn out bad by difficult obstacles that couple encountered.

In 3% of cases bad to is used

Slavery looks pretty bad to me.

That doesn't look too bad to me.

He didn't do anything bad to me.

Most people in the world would rate a girl using a score of 1 the worst to 10 the best.

Why is it bad to SH? It feels amazing? I can do things other people would never consider.

We appreciate people who want to do something good to us rather than something bad to us.

This may sound bad to some people but i used to have such painful and heavy periods that i couldnt move or do anything.

I can not live with any man who could lie that bad to the extent of doing that to somebody who hasn't offend him before.

We heard how Haig is so bad to the point that we believe in it, and no one is going to believe that he is a good general.

Frankly -- compared to Sven's celebs or Schteve's shower -- ' hard working and hard to beat ' doesn't sound so bad to me.

In 3% of cases bad with is used

You take the bad with the good.

He's just really bad with money.

Even the Pill, I'd very bad with.

I know there would be YG artists, but honestly, this year I feel so bad with the girls.

In life, we do the best we can with what is dealt to us; we take the bad with the good.

In short, they're bringing in talent that's guaranteed to be getting worse with time.

Both of these ' distractions ' are now out of the way and things are only going to get worse with these ' peeple '.

Then, they celebrated the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson's hit album Bad with more traditional ballroom numbers.

The whole western world has become corrupted by the left and the bad with not many honest politicians on either side.

And that will only become much worse with our constantly growing population and persistently expanding consumption.

In 2% of cases bad on is used

He is a joke, albeit a bad one.

This isn't too bad on my device.

He took bad on the Sunday night.

I got a pixie in the second grade and it looked so bad on me, I felt the same way as you.

The team was historically bad on the court this past season with only 7 wins in 66 games.

People with more education performed worse on the task than people with less education.

However when I recovered from a real bad one in 2007 I had two and half years of feeling fantastic, no symptoms at all.

The NHS are excellent at saving lives, anything connected with care they are substantially worse on, in my experience.

In some way it's good and it's bad on other ways because if you're not outgoing, you don't expect people to come to you.

Him and Tinordi were paired for the first two periods: +2/-0, +0/3/-3 and Tinordi didn't look too bad on the right side.

In 1% of cases bad after is used

So it's not that bad after all.

Maybe I'd not so bad after all.

Spreydon, smelt it bad after 5.

From where I was, things didn't look that bad after the brunt of the storm had passed.

They dread it but prepare, get through it and realise that it wasn't so bad after all.

Some patients has declined the gingival graft and it was not that bad after treatment.

Conscription became worse after the UN and many INGOs left the Vanni in September 2008 on the Government? s order.

In the low self-esteem group, those who repeated the mantra felt worse afterwards compared with others who did not.

I understand I broke the trust which was given me, and trust me Personally i think much worse after doing the work.

His mind was his prison, but when he opened the cell door, he found that solitary confinement wasn't so bad after all.

In 1% of cases bad as is used

But not all is bad as a Jets fan.

It will get worse as days go by.

Still, not bad as a closer I guess.

I will never take the position that all democrats are bad as well as all repubs are good.

The protests will get much worse as the economies turn down and unemployment increases.

Perhaps the US was a bit worse as the Neocons were the driving force behind the lunacy.

It goes from bad to worse as Federer sets up three set points and it's a very different story to about 15 minutes ago.

He's still a good player, and he'd be preferable to Enrique, who seems to get progressively worse as the months go by.

But your odds get worse as the probability that you will have to share the prize increases (decreases expected value).

Female passengers tend to fare the worst as militiamen have been known to rape and sexual harass women at checkpoints.

In 1% of cases bad from is used

And things go bad from the start.

But I don't feel bad from losing.

Reception response is bad from Mr.

Super inflations in general is bad from a perspective of inclusive growth in a country.

Barclay's is the worst from the effect it had on people, how many people it affected.

This should not be seen as a system that removes the worst of the worst from society.

If you would have told me that the quality of play could get worse from that point on, I wouldn't have believed you.

The rooms must be sprayed with Lysol because they don't bathe regularly (particularly bad from non-American cultures).

It just gets worse from there, so that if you do not start saving until age 50 you need to save every dime you make.

You can't love someone and yet be constantly suspicious of them and expecting only the worst from them at all times.

In 1% of cases bad off is used

Nclarke $500 + a year worse off.

But the Revenue is worse off too.

It is worse off when they converge.

They are 11 points worse off this season than they were at the same stage last season.

If something does go wrong you won't be much worse off being in Africa already instead.

The universal credit is going to make people who are working worse off, not better off.

Michigan was worst off (remember, Michigan's tax system was horrible ); Montana was best followed by South Carolina.

She argued: ' Leaving the worst off further outside the normal living standards of society is a recipe for disaster.

But the northern spotted owl they claim to care so much about is catastrophically worse off thanks to green zealotry.

Many African nations as well as North Korea and the poorer Asia Pacific nations were places where the worst off lived.

In 1% of cases bad over is used

It will only get worse over time.

Abuse often gets worse over time.

They say it's really bad over there.

Regusters said that the humidity is so bad over there just survival is a full time job.

AND BECAUSE of the drought, it is going to get worse over this winter into next year.

Neck stiffness and pain results in limitation of movements that gets worse over time.

Irving08 Hmm the level and amount of discussion does seem to have taken a turn for the worse over the close season.

The good news in all of this is that things have at least not been getting any worse over the last couple of years.

As I said problem goes away once new discs &; pads are fitted back again after 2 to 3 weeks and get worse over time.

He decided to have the surgery now rather than try to keep playing with the injury, which could get worse over time.

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