Prepositions after "backtrack"

backtrack on, to, in, after or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 62% of cases backtrack on is used
    Will you have to backtrack on this protest too, in the future? Ven IS: No.
    He also tells us that Smith is trying to be the loyal soldier by backtracking on ESPN? s Trent Dilfer.
    The objections may have led Truss to backtrack on cutting inspections, when writing this week in the Daily Telegraph.
    Then we backtracked on US 395 and headed east on SR270 to see the gold-rush ghost town of Brodie, now a National Historic Landmark.
    When the PML-N parted ways with the PPP accusing it of backtracking on its commitment for reinstatement of the judiciary, the MQM switched to the treasury benches.

    In 15% of cases backtrack to is used
    Backe later backtracked to the New York media, claiming that his statements were taken out of context.

    In 8% of cases backtrack in is used
    What this means is that backtracking in Icon is inherently local in nature and is constrained to small units.

    In 4% of cases backtrack after is used
    The IRA was compelled to surrender arms as there was confidence no party would backtrack after decommissioning.

    In 4% of cases backtrack over is used
    You then collect your hire car from Picton and commence your journey at the top of the South Island, which means you won't need to backtrack over the same ground.

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