Prepositions after "backfire"

backfire on, in, as, at or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 58% of cases backfire on is used
    That tactic will backfire on you.
    I just wonder what backfired on what.
    Both Kashmir and Hyderabad backfired on Jinnah.
    However, this technique frequently backfires on them.
    Good intentions, though, spectacularly backfire on Frasier.
    It can either come in handy or it may backfire on you as well.
    Empty petrol tanks may well backfire on an incompetent Government.
    I saw how it backfired on Jill when she tried to tell other cast members not to film with people.
    Is it only wrong to do that if you are a Tory? Grayling's attempt to hide this video have backfired on him with a vengeance.
    But as kizbot suggests, this could backfire on the EU if it is seen as the poor who are made suffer for the mistakes of their rulers.

    In 7% of cases backfire in is used
    This could work, if everyone is open and honest and also not TOO self-sacrificing as that can backfire in the end.
    The clumsy broadside backfired in dramatic fashion, opening Romney to strident criticism from across the spectrum, including from embarrassed Republican members of Congress.

    In 5% of cases backfire as is used
    But this will backfire as the worker doesn't have a private investment in the programme.
    Father decides to hire spiritual exorcist to control son, but the plan backfires as the exorcist decides to destroy the entire family.

    In 5% of cases backfire at is used
    Indeed, Washington has been reluctant lately to embark on any interventionist projects that might backfire at inopportune times.

    In 2% of cases backfire against is used
    When candidates use this, they are transparent and accept the risk that it could backfire against them.

    In 2% of cases backfire by is used
    It has backfired by reinforcing Romney's reputation for saying anything to score political points.

    In 2% of cases backfire due is used
    What do you guys think? Cool, but perhaps the animation could have been more dramatic? 4 Comments For This Post Aaaand it's already backfiring due the fact that it was not a real prank.

    In 2% of cases backfire during is used
    Casting a clown as a demonic villain backfired during production: It was felt that Werich looked too much like Father Christmas to be menacing and he was released after a week's shooting.

    In 2% of cases backfire for is used
    Be mindful of that and find ways to insure that giving this to yourself doesn't net emotional backfire for your adult child.

    In 2% of cases backfire of is used
    But considering the extent to which promise-making has backfired of late, I wonder if it will continue to remain viable in Ghanaian politics.

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