Prepositions after "wedded"

wedded to, by, for, in or into?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 94% of cases wedded to is used
    The West is rather wedded to ideas.
    My wife thinks I am wedded to the web.
    That explains how you ended up wedded to progressivism.
    Finally I landed in journalism, an occupation that I am wedded to for over 20 years now.
    He called it his Catherine Von Bora his wife's name, for, he said, ' I am wedded to it '.
    We are just too wedded to our ideas of normal to realize what is happening under our noses.
    They are so wedded to the search for the real and the tangible that the idea of faking it doesn't cross their minds.
    Because the Polish are very wedded to coal, it is a tough job to move them to environmentally more benign technology.
    The Chinese are as much wedded to these bamboo baskets as to their pigtails, but they involve a great waste of labor.

    In 1% of cases wedded by is used
    In place of democracy, we now have the tyranny of a self-perpetuating, self-serving elite, all wedded by self-interest to the European project.

    In 1% of cases wedded for is used
    I have ended up wedded for 12 yr at this point, and all of our sex life is actually much better as opposed to what it was indeed at the start of married life.
    Since Formerly suffering with tinnitus wedded for much more many years in comparison with We health care to say, I've given way up the thinking behind endeavoring to impress the woman's.

    In 1% of cases wedded in is used
    It was through the performance of artificial fate that she got wedded in May 2007, amazing wedding from the heavenly mixture sequence.
    If you are getting wedded in the near future, it is likely that you will need marriage and jewelry however ensure you acquire your marriage jewellery from a renowned jeweler.

    In 1% of cases wedded into is used
    The autobiography revolves around the tragic tale of an Indian princess born in the prominent family of Pataudi and wedded into another respectable family of Jagharr.

    In 1% of cases wedded on is used
    Alfred and Rachel ended up wedded on 03 19, 1900.
    We got wedded on December 18th and also God miraculously provided the money for the wedding.
    HUSBAND #3: Louis Schanker Her 3rd and final partner was artist/sculptor Louis Schanker, these people wedded on 12 27, 1959.

    In 1% of cases wedded with is used
    This wedded with education will enable the populace to get empowered to handle the edge to execute suicide.
    Controversial Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, wedded with her heart-trob, Prince Ordianosen Okojie, Saturday August 27, despite threats from many quarters to disrupt the ceremony.

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