Prepositions after "teeming"

teeming with or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 97% of cases teeming with is used
    It is teeming with information.
    And we see it teeming with life.
    teeming with marine-life? Check.
    Despite its rustic faade, Alaminos is a city teeming with life and natural wonders.
    Were you there during work hours? I'd expected the place to be teeming with people.
    The notes hit the whirring fan and scattered across the bar teeming with customers.
    Water is crystal clear (except immediately after the cyclones ), and teeming with life on both sides of the reef.
    Luangwa is teeming with game - it has antelope by the thousand, each one 1,000 times easier to kill than buffalo.
    The street is teeming with life, the liberal, tolerant life that has made this city almost a state within a state.
    The region is teeming with opportunities for growth and I intend to be right in the thick of making things happen.

    In 1% of cases teeming in is used
    It's a day out sort of place for the teeming in Kathmandu.
    Then wildlife was teeming in seemingly infinite abundance.
    Any country that takes on socialism via elections must have freeloaders teeming in plenty.
    The trend continues even to this day when the sale of various kinds of jewelry teeming in many parts of the UK.
    Or perhaps Europa, one of the icy moons of Jupiter, may harbour life deep in its subsurface oceans much like the life found teeming in the dark depths of our oceans around thermal vents.
    We weren't prepared to interview a star of this magnitude, but w ith deadline mere minutes away, and two slugs of whiskey already teeming in our liver, we sent the interview questions anyway.
    Rate this: +20 -6 Kanav said: (Sat, Aug 25, 2012 01:43:02 PM) Though corruption is teeming in a democratic state, it is not entirely correct to state that corruption is integral to democracy.
    His fallacy lies in failing to realise that most of the young NRI/urban Indian audience also come from towns and middle class families teeming in the India living beyond Cuffe Parade and GK II.

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