Prepositions after "tantamount"

tantamount to

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 99% of cases tantamount to is used
    tantamount to killing more people.
    C) GANGSTERISM tantamount to TERRORISM.
    IT IS tantamount to OFFICIAL CORRUPTION.
    The mortality rate for the yet to be born is tantamount to a latter day holocaust.
    But Beijing protested that the purchase is tantamount to a seizure of the islands.
    Compromising time is tantamount to a business venture shooting itself in the foot.
    It did not occur to them that his coming is tantamount to the departure of the religion of Islam from this world.
    Hence, the Chancellor's prohibition is tantamount to exceeding his jurisdiction amounting to lack of jurisdiction.
    Yet public ' respect ' for the couple in the upcoming months may well be tantamount to a unrelenting media circus.
    A day's worth of gunk on your teeth is tantamount to a serious bacteria party in your mouth -- cue an aftermath of.

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