Prepositions after "suspected"

suspected of, as, for or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 94% of cases suspected of is used
    I also guilt, moncler, that he was suspected of him.
    AQIM was suspected of holding the hostages on Malian soil.
    Diversion suspected of being in possession Class B Ecstasy.
    He was suspected of involvement in a 2008 car bomb attack on the US embassy in Sanaa.
    Which finding might be seen in baby James a neonate suspected of having an infection? a.
    Unless he was committing a crime or suspected of one, the cops would have no jurisdiction.
    Measuring the blood sugar in a person suspected of having diabetes mellitus, after periods of increased urination.
    You should seek advice if you are: - 16 or 17 years old on strike from overseas suspected of living with a partner.
    Remember this is just for being accused or suspected of involvement with terrorism, not actually being a terrorist.
    suspected of ADD, his interests span disparate fields such as sustainability studies, diving, sports, politics, etc.

    In 1% of cases suspected as is used
    The likelihood of implementation of this decision remains suspected as the Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah expressed his reservations immediately after the conference ended.

    In 1% of cases suspected in is used
    It is, however, unclear if the driver was dozing as some suspected in view of the time of the accident.

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