Prepositions after "subservient"

subservient to or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 96% of cases subservient to is used
    That is to be subservient to PR.
    All is subservient to his polemics.
    He has to be subservient to Allah (S.
    The worker will be subservient to any adjustments in pay, curriculum, hours, etc.
    The country's interests being completely subservient to their personal interests.
    In external posture, these regimes were less uniformly subservient to the hegemon.
    This latter dimension is to be subservient to the former as it serves the lesser purpose of the temporal order.
    Until the American public gets rid of the tax on income, we will be subservient to the whims of the government.
    Some supervisors may believe that they are better than others and that co-workers should be subservient to them.
    Instead of being subservient to the weak, craven and ineffectual bourgeoisie they became the masters of society.

    In 2% of cases subservient in is used
    Women are often portrayed as subservient in TV soaps and films.
    It has nothing to do with viewing men as subservient in any way.
    Women are to be subservient in the home, and the sooner you get that through your ovaries, the better.
    The positions you mention are subservient in nature so an attorney applying for such position is not always the ideal candidate.
    They are still subservient in the minds of most wizards, but they have established themselves as a vital part of wizarding society.
    A clone bred to be subservient in a futuristic dystopia, she gradually learns the horrific truth of her civilization, and becomes a symbol of rebellion.

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