Prepositions after "stripped"

"stripped of" or "stripped down"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 70% of cases stripped of is used
    Quite stripped of a certain warmth.
    I watched him get stripped of the puck a few times.
    It broke my heart to see my resourceful father humiliated and stripped of authority.
    Most of the houses were unroofed, and trees torn down, or stripped of their branches.
    Medicare Advantage (stripped of additional subsidies) has a valuable role to play here.
    stripped of its wings, fittings and covering, the Vickers airplane was to be used as a tractor for towing sledges.
    Consider the following stripped of all opinion: Government says we should expect a 9% increase in electricity bills.
    As they withdraw, they leave those inherited bodies more and more stripped of their resources and energy, certainly.
    Men who thought of themselves as powerful came to me stripped of their routine status and its burdensome accessories.

    In 26% of cases stripped down is used
    Maybe they will may get a stripped down Sense 3.
    The base price is often for a stripped down model.
    They also will have a stripped down pension if any.
    Consider using of stripped down XML parser which only pe4rforms essential parsing.
    Also, the video editor is now a stripped down app for cropping/editing the time frame.
    Though he had two of the Grogs with him onstage, they delivered a very stripped down set.
    But one of my big musical heroes is Tori Amos and she has done a cover of it, which is very stripped down piano.
    We got one in Utah a stripped down bare bones catastrophic coverage policy that young people can finally afford.
    A safe option would be a stripped down beta (featureless, barely usable) to put the core OS and gestures to test.
    The company made headlines recently when it launched a netbook, a stripped down version of a laptop just for kids.

    In 1% of cases stripped in is used
    The Voice star told Billboard magazine: ' During the promotion of stripped in 2002 I got tired of being a skinny, white girl.
    The mother-of-one was reported to have said: ' During the promotion of stripped in 2002 I got tired of being a skinny, white girl.

    In 1% of cases stripped off is used
    A stripped off version of a 2 column template, with the basic page elements highlighted, is shown below.
    The night ended with a burlesque/pole dancing performance complete with a stripped off kimono to reveal nipple tassels, and I knew my night was complete.

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