Prepositions after "sought"

sought after, of or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 95% of cases sought after is used
    Very sought after now so they are.
    Low k autos are always sought after.
    Punctuality is a sought after trait.
    A MIDDLE TERRACE TOWN HOUSE Situated in a sought after residential location on the.
    So please don't question why Valentino is very expensive and yes very sought after.
    She also is a sought after teacher for masterclasses by musicians visiting Ireland.
    And he is fast becoming the most sought after music director by the thinking directors of such off-beat subjects.
    She won the Gladrags Supermodel Hunt early in her career and was one of the most sought after models of her time.
    The white flesh of the Wahoo is a sought after commodities making this fish an expensive item in the fish market.

    In 3% of cases sought of is used
    It will create some sought of bad impression.
    That is the sought of free education that we have in the country.
    It will be the same sought of faeces that mankind has always made.
    To send missiles into the skies and bomb buildings must take a special sought of person.
    At end of the day the question we need to ask is what sought of a society we want to have.
    When any sought of disagreement arise it can develop to a warfare as both are reluctant to compromise.
    This so called activist has won some sought of a respect from me, as i think all living beings should be treated equaly.
    Having a fan page is must to get followers if your doing any sought of business and if you intend to grow it more big and promote it.
    Muso 's: Were you worried about that? That there might be some sought of tough second album syndrome about it? Ritzy: No quite the opposite.
    Matthew Beh assured that America won't support any sought of blasphemous works against Prophet Mohammed and he invited AP Abubacker Musalyar to visit America.

    In 1% of cases sought for is used
    However, those are the most sought for recipes in Thai cooking.
    The sought for harmony is to be achieved through the work of Islamic law, the shari'ah.
    Surprisingly, many people find the sought for love thanks in large part to strict moderation.
    The ambassador unequivocally says that Palestinian refugees would not become citizens of the sought for U.
    Americans turned this age-old custom into a huge business and artificial nails are the most sought for when it comes to cosmetics today.
    All this pre-dates Iraq, although this surely gave a sought for, tangible outlet for the rage which was still struggling to articulate itself before 2003.
    Ironically, it was the developing nuclear stalemate that came to provide the sought for stability, constraining American efforts directed toward a quick win.

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