Prepositions after "soluble"

soluble in, by, to, at or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 88% of cases soluble in is used
    Thorium is not soluble in water.
    Fluoride salts are soluble in water.
    Magnesium sulphate is soluble in water.
    Sarin is very soluble in water whereas other nerve agents are more sparingly soluble.
    Being insoluble in water, they can be purified by washing away the associated starch.
    Sodium chloride is insoluble in organic solvents This is also typical of ionic solids.
    Because the OH bond is polar, alcohols are much more soluble in polar solvents such as water than are hydrocarbons.
    A warm soda fizzing over the rim of a glass illustrates one effect: carbon dioxide is less soluble in warmer water.
    Unfortunately the drugs were not soluble in water but some were quite soluble in ethanol and other organic solvents.
    Most are soluble in water and crystallisation of the hexahydrate containing the Ni (H 2 O) 6 2+ ion can be achieved.

    In 3% of cases soluble by is used
    It was unclear to him how Galois ' results classified which equations were soluble by radicals.
    Because then we'll know (instead of merely suspecting) that the problem is soluble by democratic means.
    High power slew rates on-grid are easily soluble by holding either more spinning reserve or more fast acting hydro in reserve.
    Distraction as provided by art presents a covert control of the extent to which new tasks have become soluble by apperception.
    In the same way, salts that are only slightly soluble can be made even less soluble by increasing the concentration of a common ion.
    The products of triglycerol hydrolysis are made soluble by bile acids, which are negatively charged detergents that are synthesized from cholesterol in the liver and secreted into the duodenum.
    He had been working again on the algebraic solution of equations, with the aim of solving the problem of which equations were soluble by radicals (the problem which Galois solved a few years later).

    In 2% of cases soluble to is used
    Magnesium carbonate (the most soluble one I have data for) is soluble to the extent of about 0.
    They are also generally soluble to some degree, and are readily absorbed into the body so that the mineral can be used.
    It has lots of problems today, but all of those look soluble to imaginative engineering, and one by one they are all being solved.

    In 1% of cases soluble at is used
    People use hot water to dissolve the Horlicks powder first because the powder is more soluble at a higher temperature.
    Bleedright McVittee: 26 Jul 2010 9:49:48am O2 is more soluble at lower temperatures, this is counterintuitive but it is so.
    Correcting pH Acidic solutions such as lemon juice and white vinegar can not be spherified because sodium alginate is not soluble at a pH below 3.

    In 1% of cases soluble for is used
    If is not a factor of then is invertible mod so the congruence mod is soluble for every.

    In 1% of cases soluble with is used
    All gases are less soluble as temperature increases, particularly nitrogen, oxygen and carbondioxide which become about 40-50% less soluble with an increase of 25C.
    It is also known as a very rich source of fiber, half of which is soluble with the other half being insoluble, which helps to meet a person's need for both types of fiber.

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