Prepositions after "secretive"

secretive about, in, with, by or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 66% of cases secretive about is used
    There was nothing secretive about.
    Its parent company is so secretive about it.
    We haven't been as secretive about this one.
    Jane S, point taken about Jeremy Forrest not being secretive about his feelings.
    I was very secretive about my gambling as well and don't want to go to meetings.
    Second, Google, like many high-tech companies, is extremely secretive about itself.
    With the Internet and everything, stuff gets out so easily that they have to be secretive about their scripts.
    Google's usually quite secretive about its operation -- one of the reasons this set of images is so revealing.
    About four months into our marriage, I noticed that he was pretty secretive about certain aspects of his life.
    They have to be so secretive about their scripts, and it would have sucked if people had known what was coming.

    In 8% of cases secretive in is used
    There is nothing secretive in it.
    Statius was secretive in his conversion.
    They are highly secretive in nature and mostly nocturnal.
    Whats there in showing ur passport? If not that we are so secretive in this country.
    Excessive reprimands may in fact lead your puppy to become secretive in its toileting.
    He was secretive in showing the particular divine niceties which Allah Almighty bestowed upon him.
    Ref UC Animals that are inconspicuous either because they are small, secretive in their habits, or well camouflaged.
    Even though UC officers remain secretive in their operations there back up alot of the time is plain clothes officers.
    Because it was an outlawed drink, distillers, distributors and consumers all had to be secretive in dealing with the product.
    Apple continues to be very secretive in publicising its development road-map, but very good at publicising wins in their patent wars.

    In 5% of cases secretive with is used
    People are secretive with ideas.
    They are reclusive, secretive with few friends.
    He became just as wary and secretive with regard to them.
    He's known for being secretive with his projects, but this is ridiculous.
    The world now knows, American government is secretive with so much it does in the name of the American people.
    In his years in the service he'd learned there was no point in being secretive with information that was already out there.
    Despite staging a splashy launch, Palm has been a bit secretive with the device, reminding us of a certain company in Cupertino.
    Will he be able to Sound Mix: Color: Aspect Ratio: Did You Know? Trivia Woody Allen is very secretive with his scripts when he is working.
    Lesson 10: Top three comments of what participants learned: You really don't need to be secretive with your idea, it really is all about execution.

    In 3% of cases secretive by is used
    They are also very secretive by nature.
    I think people are secretive by nature.
    Make it more seductive and secretive by wearing a blindfold.
    You are very secretive by nature and though often work in groups, you have a sense of alienation.
    Old-school companies are secretive by default and only share information with employees when there's a clear need.
    This was, in fact, an attempt to portray rethinkers as closed and secretive by pretending that he needed to do this.
    My own conjecture is that their comments met a general climate of suspicion, an assumption that government is insidiously secretive by default.

    In 3% of cases secretive for is used
    We are secretive for our own protection.
    They are secretive for good reason, try and figure out why.
    At 6 months I decided things were not headed in the right direction, and he was acting to secretive for my liking.
    Journals are the thing of the past, and too secretive for my taste!:) I have a lot of things that I am passionate about such as travel, cooking, business, current events.

    In 3% of cases secretive of is used
    We support the most secretive of clubs.
    My mother was secretive of my past, but I do not blame her.
    People like Trek, (especially) are very secretive of their tests.
    One of the best known and yet most secretive of these cartels is the Bilderberg Group.
    And so many other things out there which this -- the most secretive of all presidents- will have to face.
    Even the most secretive of pseudonymous writers tend to have at least two professional contacts (in case one dies.
    Yum! I am more and more secretive of an eater because of the large varieties of this type of food I can categorize this way in my diet.
    In fact when he was first diagnosed, he got some dietary program -- again, he was very secretive of that -- So I don't exactly know what he did at that point.
    They got their way immediately after the election when the BBC was slashed by 25 per cent in one of the strangest and most secretive of government negotiations.
    I does include an exempt report though which considers that most secretive of subjects, and also possibly a matter of national security, the transfer of public toilets to community councils.

    In 2% of cases secretive on is used
    Falkland Oil and Gas was being rather secretive on AIM.
    From the inexplicable confidence to being unyielding, even secretive on the details, Apple maps are out in the cold with many powerful players happy to see it suffer.
    Apple is notoriously secretive on the run-up to new launches, but leaks from within the industry, including from suppliers and partners, have all but confirmed the device is on its way this Autumn.

    In 1% of cases secretive as is used
    Scorpios only become sneaking and secretive as a way of self-protection.
    Prabhakaran's lifestyle became more and more secretive as the battles progressed.

    In 1% of cases secretive at is used
    Christian Louboutin Daffodile that may not be all! They are secretive at t.

    In 1% of cases secretive like is used
    I was born in a village, small and secretive like a womb.
    Because I'd all secretive like that:) But I'd do it on your husband's birthday.

    In 1% of cases secretive over is used
    Idols are only secretive over fear of backlash from fans, and they certainly don't want to give antis more ammo.
    With Alex so secretive over his moves until they are done, I am quite shocked that he would be seen in the public eye like that.
    He was also puzzled by ' mysterious ' phone calls she received, and claimed that she was secretive over the nature of the calls.

    In 1% of cases secretive regarding is used
    Although the country is incredibly secretive regarding domestic politics, it is believed China executed up to 5,000 people every year over a whole range of serious and petty crimes.
    At least we all think it is, Apple is famously secretive regarding new products: launching new iPhones, computers and whizz-bang devices on an (largely) unsuspecting public out of the nowhere.

    In 1% of cases secretive to is used
    We have gone from being very secretive to becoming more transparent.
    Now they serve the Empire openly, though any mention of their name is met with hushed whispers of a group that still remains secretive to the larger Empire.
    So when I was let go I couldn't help to think that if it wasn't my work, then it had to have been the fact that I just didn't fit in and I was too private and seemed secretive to them.

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