Prepositions after "secondary"

secondary to, in or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 89% of cases secondary to is used
    But it's secondary to the freedom.
    It's actually secondary to the lip.
    What we believe is secondary to that.
    In other words, right and wrong are secondary to defending/supporting the ideology.
    The overall effect of its form and shape however is secondary to an organic object.
    The plot however is really secondary to a constant stream of very funny set pieces.
    And, even when I truly enjoy all aspects of the taste, the flavour is quite honestly secondary to the experience.
    I want to help other women and the money is useful but that is secondary to my desire to provide a useful service.
    This doesn't mean you should forget about the search engines, only that they are secondary to your actual readers.
    Check your ingredients! Signs are secondary to anemia, such as pale gums, rapid heart rate, weakness and lethargy.

    In 7% of cases secondary in is used
    All these are secondary in any case.
    But that's secondary in this context.
    The driver is secondary in the process.
    Keep the local number as the primary one and the home SIM to be as secondary in status.
    The amine groups of template1 are primary or secondary in most compounds except D1Ag-B.
    Second, story is ALWAYS secondary in games, next to gameplay and the overall experience.
    You would try to minimize the risks, but if it is necessary, then that consideration is secondary in destroying the threat.
    Independence, career goals and all the things that motivate someone were only regarded as secondary in the life of a woman.
    He is already taken, that would make you secondary in his book-do you really want that? I hope not! You are better than that.
    Though both these questions are relevant, they are secondary in the job search until you are worried about next month's mortgage payment.

    In 2% of cases secondary for is used
    Winning the World Cup was secondary for us.
    I think filmmaking is kinda secondary for him.
    Profit has to be secondary for long-term success.
    What's principal for one could be secondary for another.
    I write for myself first and then secondary for my readers.
    All these problems seemed secondary for Azmi at the moment.
    The cellphone ban is secondary for novice drivers age 18 and older.
    Administering the cure to the patient becomes secondary for them and ethics take a back seat.
    The recording means everything and the live show, while still important, is somewhat secondary for many.
    Texas Tech quarterback Seth Doege, who torched KU ’ s secondary for 476 yards, made one more play, setting up the score.

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