Prepositions after "ripe"

ripe for, with, in or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 85% of cases ripe for is used
    ripe for a new spin-off series.
    Roofs are ripe for the picking.
    Afghanistan is ripe for the picking.
    The present fiat money economy is ripe for some Schumpeterian ' creative destruction '.
    By any measure, this creates a situation ripe for the development of cultures of abuse.
    There are probably junkyards full of fridges and stoves that are ripe for the plucking.
    An OC can scheme around three dominant run defenders up the gut when the perimeter players are ripe for the pickings.
    This election was ripe for a third party and we blew it because they satisfy evolutionary instincts by feeding us now.
    They have failed to deal with their core business, or to adapt to changing user needs and must be ripe for a takeover.
    Now trading at more than 10 times trailing EBITDA, shares seem to have overshot the mark and look ripe for a pullback.

    In 8% of cases ripe with is used
    This film is ripe with reasons to avoid it.
    The familiarity was ripe with possibilities.
    We are ripe with odd-ball rom-coms, obviously.
    As a film destination Cavan is ripe with contrasting locations and startling landscapes.
    It is one thing to be an anonymous New Yorker -- the city is actually quite ripe with them.
    AngeredCatfish - truly what you are saying is ripe with contradictions and double standards.
    Life with meaning is ripe with standards that some will never try to reach while following their pleasure principle.
    Innovators around the world are waiting with deep baited breath, ripe with anticipation for this latest new release.
    After 9 days of hiking in the heat of Jordan, we arrived at the hotel caked in dirt and ripe with our soiled clothes.

    In 2% of cases ripe in is used
    They are typically ripe in August.
    I think the time is ripe in bodybuilding for the truth to be told.
    The raising on a post of a thinking psyche was ripe in the Middle Age.
    There are of two sorts; one is ripe in the space of a moneth, and the other in two moneths.
    In front of the plate are lichi fruits, ripe in bright red color, which symbolize joy in life.
    They noticed that there was nobody stirring around the house, and that the corn was ripe in the field.
    Diets that are ripe in avoidance and deprivation seem hardly beneficial and they avoid a critical component of humanity.
    There are many examples to prove the above point but the one ripest in my mind is a scene from the serial Madiha Maliha.
    They sit dauntingly in their thousands waiting to become ripe in the cultivation process before being bagged and passed on.
    It is perfectly ripe in the mouth with beautiful integration of oak to go with alluring spiced apple, pear and citrus fruits.

    In 1% of cases ripe at is used
    An ambulance rushed to the aid of a hedgehog caught by a strimmer at ripe at the weekend.
    It is evident from references such as this that grapes which were not yet ripe at the time of the harvest were left on the vine.
    The fruit is ripe at the 75-100g size just as the green fruit starts getting a yellow blush accentuating the darker green stripes.
    At that moment we can say the grapes are very ripe at this point, because of early bud break and very warm time especially in late summer.
    My instinct, suggest to me, that the south west region of the island is ripe at the moment for significant inward infrastructural and energy project investment.
    Chorus: Cherries so red, strawberries ripe at home, of course, they'll be storming Never mind the abuse, you have the excuse You went to Covent Garden in the morning.

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