Prepositions after "reserved"

reserved for, in, about, with or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 72% of cases reserved for is used
    I -- reserved for UART communication.
    There are also 11,000 m reserved for offices.
    Sea Org* issue-type reserved for ethics matters.
    Within the auditorium there are four spaces on Row A reserved for wheelchair users.
    But she rarely exercises any of these, rather they are kept reserved for emergencies.
    Bit 4 (Bit 52 in GDT ): reserved for our OS's use--we could do whatever we want here.
    The kind-hearted head of mission has, however, found them temporary shelter in a flat reserved for staff members.
    And certainly a far more comfortable existence than that reserved for those scattered armies, nearly a century ago.
    The territory of Waterford was granted to Roger le Poer; but, as usual, the city was reserved for the royal benefit.

    In 9% of cases reserved in is used
    Most Irish people are quite reserved in their politics.
    For example, int variable has 2 or 4 bytes reserved in memory so it can hold 2 32 = 65536 values.
    At first I was very reserved in the way I interacted with him and tried not to laugh at his jokes.
    Chris therefore can and needs to publish and this pressure may make him less reserved in his conclusions than I am.
    The remote providers outside of mental health were more reserved in their assessment of quality of care through telehealth.
    The volunteers said the children were very reserved in the restaurant, making sure they were on their best behaviour and acting formally.
    Molotov, admitted that at the beginning Stalin struggled with his cult, but later on he developed a liking for it:? He was very reserved in the first years, and then he put on airs.

    In 4% of cases reserved about is used
    It is believed that the PCC is very reserved about how they operate.
    The samosas were fresh and easy on my palate, even though I like Indian food I am rather reserved about spicy food.
    I noticed however that she was quite reserved about giving advice, so to speak to benefit others coming behind and I sense that's because she knows nobody's gon na heed them.
    Two things I would recommend to you, though - 1) don't lie 2) don't act like a jerk whose noncommittally trying to break up with his girlfriend I am pretty reserved about most people.
    Share this: Although it's a very good initiative by Turkey, but I'd quite reserved about the compulsory Turkish languge lesson, I would have thought English to be more important thank Turkish lang.

    In 3% of cases reserved with is used
    You are normally very reserved with handful of friends and most of the time live life lonely and always prepared to help others.
    Frankly, I am quite surprised at the extent of coverage given to the wayang WP in the Hougang BE, considering that the WP had been quite reserved with the msm.

    In 2% of cases reserved of is used
    Snickers is an opportunist, ready to grab milk or anything else at the slightest opportunity and Mars is fairly quiet, the most reserved of them all.

    In 2% of cases reserved to is used
    Use of ' evidence room ' reserved to Jane More Molyneux.
    Burylands in Godalming and Court House in Witley reserved to Sir George out of this settlement.
    Messuage, gardens etc in St Martin in the Fields (certain rooms and use of garden reserved to Sir George).
    Vaspeche alias Homevaspeche, now occupied by Christopher in Albury; woods on the land reserved to Robert in Alfold.
    The style of worship in Jamaican religion varies from very reserved to non-stop action! Despite male dominated leadership in most churches, congregations are predominantly female.

    In 1% of cases reserved as is used
    However, in general, she was very reserved as a person.
    He showed these willingly, but was very reserved as to anything else.
    Don't use ' count() ' in the above example, as it is a reserved as a special keyword.
    Inception of Habitat for Humanity In 1968, Koinonia laid out 42 half-acre house sites with four acres reserved as a community park and recreational area.

    In 1% of cases reserved at is used
    Britany, on the other hand, was very reserved at the beginning.
    A disadvantage Obama has is that he can come across as almost too reserved at times which can cause a disconnect between him and the crowd.

    In 1% of cases reserved by is used
    Intel chipset specs are pretty good at explaining what address ranges gets reserved by default and in some cases call out that 1.

    In 1% of cases reserved like is used
    The middle one is more reserved like his father.
    He seemed very reserved like a worldly- wise man who was already bored of every thing and my heart went out to him.

    In 1% of cases reserved on is used
    I grew up around Carribeans and they are actually quite reserved on the whole.

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