Prepositions after "rearing"

rearing of, as or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 95% of cases rearing of is used
    This year we also do contract rearing of goslings.
    Males are not involved in the rearing of the chicks.
    Pastoral Farming -- invovles the rearing of animals 5.
    rearing of sheep and goats is another important occupation of the people of Rajasthan.
    Prime Minister Bruce Golding says democracy does not apply to the rearing of children.
    Farming developed and the rearing of pigs and cattle began to produce goods for export.
    It is also about the creation of the environment, of complementary adults, best suited for the rearing of children.
    Conditioning and rearing of brood fish should, therefore, be done in a quite, dark-some place free of disturbances.
    It provides a mechanism for emotional stability, economic security, and the healthy rearing of the next generation.
    They're not mature adults with their eye on the commitment they have to the rearing of a future generation of adults.

    In 1% of cases rearing as is used
    Many have lost their dog at a very early age due to inherited defects and poor rearing as a puppy.
    It was only the females who reacted but as they do the rearing as well as the hunting this wasn't really a clue.

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