Prepositions after "prejudicial"

prejudicial to, against, in, for or towards?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 93% of cases prejudicial to is used
    That would be prejudicial to us.
    The LLP is prejudicial to national interests; d.
    Presumption is considered prejudicial to a fair trial.
    The use of the word ' bombing ' is highly emotive and prejudicial to the cyclist.
    The prosecution says Seretse's act was prejudicial to the rights and interests of BTC.
    The impression given is totally biased and prejudicial to the reputation of our country.
    Passage is innocent so long as it is not prejudicial to the peace, good order or security of the coastal State.
    Finally, Ms Delichte maintained the conference call format was prejudicial to her ability to present the facts.
    Making that assessment and voicing my disdain for the Tea Party and its arguments is prejudicial to the Tea Party.
    But for some to be all ' preachy ' about it, is really quite condescending and in some cases prejudicial to others.

    In 2% of cases prejudicial against is used
    Which is massively prejudicial against women, actually.
    The whole language used to talk about the case has been grossly prejudicial against the women.
    Not only is he prejudicial against Chinese swimmers, but also against female swimmers in general.
    But Justice Huq assured them saying that the court would not allow anything that be prejudicial against the defence.
    Besides that it's wildly prejudicial against part-time and distance learners who have their social and volunteering lives ourside university circles.
    At no time is a marriage discriminatory or prejudicial against same sex couples because marriage must be defined as a union between a man and a woman.
    However as provided by section 52 of the Evidence Decree, 1975 (NRCD 323) the court should exclude evidence, however relevant if it was prejudicial against an accused.
    He does not have the narrowness in mental outlook in describing the people of Beddegama in contrast to Robert Knox who was markedly prejudicial against Sinhala people.

    In 2% of cases prejudicial in is used
    However, picking and choosing who to crucify and who to ignore makes you just as prejudicial in my book as the hate monger spewing what Mr.
    The Quran clearly prohibits racial discrimination and the words of the prophet Mohammed () prohibits all type of discrimination or being prejudicial in Islam.

    In 1% of cases prejudicial for is used
    He also affirmed that the sector suffers under the stigma of being prejudicial for the environment in spite of the fact that.

    In 1% of cases prejudicial towards is used
    I agree with you that many times the police is prejudicial towards minorities and that racism will stay with us for a long time to come.
    Humans are warlike and prejudicial towards the dwindling older races, and also fight among themselves in a baroque, multi-factional struggle over land and power.

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