Prepositions after "messed"

messed up or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 93% of cases messed up is used
    I am too messed up in the head.
    I messed up my first year degree.
    Mote was a messed up little fuzz.
    We have all kinds of messed up things going on here, and our MAYOR just lies about it.
    The result is a very complex geology that looks like a messed up sheet of bubble wrap.
    The messed up part about all of this is the inherent violence involved in these attacks.
    Our favourite, Vod, is sure to steal the show and we can't wait to see what the messed up bunch get up to this term.
    He has the ability to make Hye-Mi feel good and forget about all the messed up things that are going on in her life.
    So P and P Hartnoll decide to mess with your head, in eight long tracks, and end with the messed up track ' Style '.
    It's people like you who make me sick, thinking that just be cuse he talks like that he is some dumbass is messed up.

    In 7% of cases messed with is used
    At each stage it gets messed with.
    I never messed with someone who didn't tip.
    And if you mess with him, you get messed with back.
    The last, and easiest to accommodate, is the workout plan that is getting messed with.
    You shouldn't share a file you don't want messed with, and that's what this clause covers.
    I am more of a modest dresser so I did nt get messed with (well by the rasta men) but not dangerous.
    A real Sore Point thereabouts, believe you me Sometimes a bumper sticker is just an invite for you gettin ' messed with.
    I agree with the other comments about how a customer really has to cross a line to have their drinks or food messed with.
    It looks like a big four not to messed with, and Metta World Peace on a good day, leaves a championship worthy starting five.

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