Prepositions after "maturing"

maturing of, in, as, from or into?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 85% of cases maturing of is used
    What you are witnessing is the maturing of the Lib Dems.
    And that is all part of this maturing of the individual.
    The maturing of Dougie is really something special to see.
    The film ends with the maturing of the main characters, and also with a note of hope.
    Henri then went on to invent and patent a device for speeding up the maturing of wines.
    This event fits with the maturing of these characters as their ways of thought develop.
    But as I said in another post, I found the mistakes he made more realistic as was the gradual maturing of his character.
    As virtue is perfected, it nurtures sam? dhi, and the additional strengthening of sam? dhi leads to a maturing of wisdom.
    It indeed announces the maturing of the School of M? ori and Pacific Development and its existence at Waikato University.
    Treasurer Wayne Swan spoke at length to a business forum in Canberra this week about the maturing of the investment boom.

    In 6% of cases maturing in is used
    There has been a maturing in his game and his personality.
    A maturing in social data that nearly everyone is participating in.
    The notional principal outstanding with regard to the interest rate swap is: Consolidated 2012 maturing in less than 1 year -- $16.
    Looking back to EWCBR96 there has been a rapid maturing in the industrial application of CBR, particularly in Internet applications.

    In 2% of cases maturing as is used
    I continue to be pleasantly surprise by your maturing as an Editor.
    These and other movements represent Malaysia's maturing as the hard lessons are learned about the paradoxes and hypocrisies of democracy.
    While increasingly local authorities and the Environment Court are saying it's not okay and that other people's rights matter, reflecting our maturing as a society and.

    In 2% of cases maturing from is used
    Through their maturing from boys to men, they sang? Up Santaclausian? and? Adisadel On the Hill?, pledging their allegiance for the school's great name.

    In 1% of cases maturing over is used
    There is a gradual maturing over time.

    In 1% of cases maturing since is used
    The Kenyan flower industry has gone through a significant maturing since 1990.

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