Prepositions after "intrinsic"

intrinsic to, in, about, as or within?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 85% of cases intrinsic to is used
    This is intrinsic to the dance.
    This is intrinsic to a person's nature.
    Emma (and Toni) were intrinsic to it too.
    The movement IWC have an engineering prowess which is intrinsic to their brand DNA.
    The answer to the question is there intrinsic to the definition of problem gambling.
    This hands-on approach is seen as intrinsic to the ethos of the Shepherd England brand.
    Special food is intrinsic to the festive season and it would be quite a pity to have to abstain from enjoying it.
    But as we wrote before in an unrelated letter, liquidity is not a characteristic intrinsic to a particular asset.
    Why not? Because it is intrinsic to the nature of marriage itself that (at least) it is between two human beings.
    Was the reason intrinsic to the ex-employer- bad boss, unhealthy work culture, poor pay, unchallenging role, etc.

    In 9% of cases intrinsic in is used
    It's so intrinsic in human nature, isn't it.
    Not just as an ideal, but intrinsic in practice.
    That is not your fault - that is intrinsic in the challenge.
    The WCTU, established in New Zealand in 1885, was intrinsic in the suffrage campaign.
    There might be something intrinsic in us that might actually yearn and need loneliness.
    The philosophy of the WCMP is driven by compassion, which is intrinsic in Islamic values.
    So the idea of ideas above reality implies that there are some kind of ideas intrinsic in reality that act upon us.
    Such a process is intrinsic in a Superior Court; it is its very life blood, its very essence, its immanent attribute.
    The recognition of rights, and the recognitions of the inequalities intrinsic in the world economic system as it stands.
    There is a mathematics to the passage of time -- a sense of odds -- percentages -- chances -- intrinsic in time's forward motion.

    In 1% of cases intrinsic about is used
    There is nothing intrinsic about a tree.
    This comes from my belief that there is nothing intrinsic about art.
    There is nothing intrinsic about precious metals having a value that will not suffer the faith of paper money.
    There is nothing intrinsic about a community of dancers save that its members have consented to observe the codes that make them a community.
    There is something intrinsic about the colour and movement and noise of an exploding firework that is hugely pleasurable in the eye of the beholder.

    In 1% of cases intrinsic as is used
    Collaboration has intrinsic as well as extrinsic value.
    So performance is the responsible factor that leads to intrinsic as well as extrinsic rewards.
    In fact, a little deliberation shows that this strongly supports the argument that every preceding surah has a deep coherent relationship, intrinsic as well as extrinsic, with the succeeding one.
    However as you have dealt the subject in detail, there is one thing I want to ask: Why do you think Indians can not excel in trade in a big way? We have our problems, intrinsic as well as induced.

    In 1% of cases intrinsic within is used
    I think the iPad has the potential to become intrinsic within healthcare, he says.
    A secret society so intrinsic within non-Jewish culture that the inherent culture does not even realise how Judaised it is.
    Certainly in any public inquiry to do with planning application gateways, it is absolutely intrinsic within their planning consent that the rail hub is part of it.
    There is something intrinsic within us that have taken precedence over how we perceive ethics, and this is cultivated within us by our environment even before we form our understanding of ethics.

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