Prepositions after "interested"

interested in

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 98% of cases interested in is used
    But being interested in people.
    THEY ARE NOT interested in YOU.
    You might be interested in http.
    I may well have others interested in the same date and time but not confirmed yet.
    I became extremely interested in how the abuse and neglect would impact the brain.
    However, Hardy was totally uninterested in Ramanujan the man and recent immigrant.
    For those interested in the arts, the capital, Buenos Aires, is where to head for museums and activities galore.
    I am very interested in our food, from farm to table, and I follow many agricultural blogs and twitter accounts.
    I come from the field of educational psychology, so actually I am very interested in, yes how individuals learn.
    I spoke to Zaha before he joined up and explained we were interested in him but only if he was interested in us.

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