Prepositions after "instrumental"

instrumental in, to, for or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 91% of cases instrumental in is used
    instrumental in arranging it were Fr.
    They were damn instrumental in the affair.
    He later was instrumental in the creation.
    Enter Traditional in the Groupings field and instrumental in the Comments field.
    I still believe that we are instrumental in the formation of people of goodness.
    The early sponsors of IHEU were also instrumental in founding the United Nations.
    Among his students were Abu Hanifa and Malik ibn Anas who were instrumental in the development of Sunni Islam.
    Officer Wells was instrumental in the formation of the International Policewomen's Association (founded 1915).
    Saberwal, who was also instrumental in the MMRDA's recent decision to lay part of the Metro track underground.
    MIT has also been instrumental in the establishment of the OpenCourseWare Consortium (http: **35;1992;TOOLONG.

    In 4% of cases instrumental to is used
    Therefore it is instrumental to.
    He was instrumental to my survival.
    Bendtner was instrumental to our win today.
    She was instrumental to my lifelong love of books, and I hope my children's too.
    I prefer the instrumental to the vocal, which I feel is less over the top Italo.
    My immediate father and mother were instrumental to who I am and what I am today.
    Mr Mitchell was instrumental to building close ties between the Conservative Party and Rwanda under Mr Kagame.
    The Welshman was instrumental to Spurs ' success in the Champions League and also our successful League season.
    It was a look instrumental to communicating that negative message of hopelessness, pain, sadness and suffering.

    In 2% of cases instrumental for is used
    You have truly been instrumental for my freedom.
    One of the pieces was called instrumental for Six Guitars.
    It will prove instrumental for Wikipedia's future policies.
    Metallurgist Bob Curtis ' testimony was instrumental for this court case judgement.
    He used an alto saxophone instrumental for the introduction and ending of the show.
    That is also instrumental for the poor quality of graduates of our tertiary education system.
    It was written first as an instrumental for Liam and Natasha for their wedding and was originally called Natasha.
    The cultivation of relationships are now seen as being instrumental for the religious conversion of our neighbours.
    He was also instrumental for the diversification of the Group's business into the offshore and construction sectors.
    Farmers felt that the project has been instrumental for the current closer link between farmers and extension staff.

    In 1% of cases instrumental of is used
    This is instrumental of the city's desire to grow.
    Then there's the swirling instrumental of ' Strange Waltz '.
    M Beatz, and asks if he could try to do a song with an instrumental of it.
    Also contain the original gospel inspired version, and an instrumental of the original.
    More or less, it is a lot like an instrumental of the first 2 minutes of the album version.
    Brownie's son Will played a appropriate guitar instrumental of ' Ghost Riders in the Sky '.
    Last time they held me down and molested me, while David Serenaded me with an instrumental of Bohemian Rhapsody.
    Huq was one of those who were instrumental of formulating the Lucknow pact of 1916 between the Congress and the Muslim League.
    Who Wants To Live Forever (Karaoke Version) 4:00 Written by Brian May Appears on: Greatest Karaoke Hits instrumental of the Video Version.
    He had the instrumental of Beautiful People on his computer for a long time and one day he woke up and wrote most of the lyrics and melody.

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