Prepositions after "inimical"

inimical to, towards, for or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 96% of cases inimical to is used
    Also, he is inimical to the believers.
    These are inimical to any reconciliation.
    It is inimical to the dictates of sound policy.
    Connivance with syndicated activities inimical to the best interest of the university.
    Other powers born of the void were likewise elemental, with an aspect inimical to man.
    But, as a court of first instance, any mistake it makes would be inimical to the peace and security of the nation.
    So in some sort of fear and panic I set up the world and its measurements as forever inimical to what I might write.
    It could cast his whole administration under such doubt that I think it would be inimical to our country's interests.
    It is an evangelistic religion as seen in this article and it is inimical to other religions, hoping to destroy them.

    In 2% of cases inimical towards is used
    You can not defeat it by being inimical towards it.
    For example: 1- They were extremely inimical towards the Ottoman State.
    Various clashes of interests and contrasting ambitions have made men inimical towards one another.
    No two stones governed by planets hostile and inimical towards one another should be placed adjacently.
    Except for the United States, few other members of the Security Council can be said to be inimical towards Iran.
    Secondly Amr Aas belonged to an army which did not owe allegiance to Ali and was inimical towards him and his friends.
    The common ground which made him and the shop-owner Abd-ur-Ridaa so friendly was that both were inimical towards the Khaleefa in Istanbul.
    He said some elements inimical towards Tibetans are spreading canards about Tibetan monks and instigating innocents people to attack Tibetans.

    In 1% of cases inimical for is used
    The observation that most adaptations of individuals are inimical for individuals or their genes but good for populations/species.
    Thus if k < 1, we have a fixed-point attractor at the zero value of the population; the conditions are too inimical for the population to survive.

    In 1% of cases inimical with is used
    The minister (Grey) told the King that the pledge was inimical with the interests of the country.
    The Leviathan conception of society propounded by Obama et al is inimical with American history, values, empirical evidence or human nature.
    He thought we had not specified our war aims because we wished to concert with Austria and Prussia and did not want our aims to be found inimical with theirs.

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