Prepositions after "infatuated"

infatuated with, by or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 87% of cases infatuated with is used
    I had become infatuated with it.
    I was kind of infatuated with him.
    Like Nance, I am infatuated with PSH.
    As a kid, I read Harriet the Spy, and I was infatuated with the idea of writing.
    Don't become infatuated with worldly justice, which is inconsistent and relative.
    In the meantime, Marty's mother had become infatuated with him, fueling a hilarious Oedipal-complex situation.
    She chose country to get her foot in the door as country fans are always infatuated with young female singers.
    AWD can tell you that I am just infatuated with this photo! Now, AWD is not an expert on womern's breasticles.
    Much later he would suggest I was infatuated with Miss Stiles, my being so hasty as to jump to her assistance.

    In 10% of cases infatuated by is used
    The BBC were infatuated by the Seekers.
    Don't get excited over it or infatuated by it.
    I remember some of our students were infatuated by her.
    He becomes infatuated by Lee-Ann, the store detective, both desiring and despising her.
    Language barriers aside, the crowd was infatuated by Doe Paoro's voice and fearlessness.
    I was infatuated by guns for a long time, but just walked away and haven't owned one since.
    infatuated by Greek, English and Roman literature, she began writing poetry at the age of six and never stopped.
    At the time, it seemed worth it; I was young and infatuated by her charisma; I was willing to agree to anything.
    Herod is now obsessed with his teenaged niece/step daughter Salome who in turn is infatuated by John the Baptist.
    Without confused topic and complex graphics, it?? s a wonderful mobile game that easily to be infatuated by players.

    In 1% of cases infatuated in is used
    I don't think it's orchestrated per se but they do seem a little infatuated in their hate for me.
    This woman your husband's infatuated in probably seems new and exciting -- and she's probably free and independent.
    She was always so fresh, cheerful, and ready for any excitement that the two boys became infatuated in four days, and had to be hunted home on the fifth, or they would have both proposed.

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