Prepositions after "indicative"

indicative of

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 98% of cases indicative of is used
    indicative of spiritual tribunals.
    indicative of her accessible approach, Ms.
    Sad, but indicative of the perceived value.
    This is indicative of the total lack of coherence, even within the same industries.
    But to suggest that the sample is indicative of the whole population is misleading.
    Coincidentally, I think that's absolutely indicative of the people that are successful at Sapient today as well.
    So the configuration that you have for your system should be indicative of the kind of load you plan to service.
    He privileges the description itself as indicative of the impact of Auschwitz and the uprising on its prisoners.
    That folks, is a Liberal party supporter, and unfortunately indicative of the thinking of 30% of Canadians or so.

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