Prepositions after "inconsistent"

inconsistent with, in, at, for or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 88% of cases inconsistent with is used
    But this is inconsistent with 2.
    Activity is inconsistent with stated business.
    It was inconsistent with the rest of the column.
    But the belief in God is very much inconsistent with the existence of atheists.
    The expert's testimony at trial was inconsistent with the corrected spreadsheet.
    Not all forms of work are inconsistent with promoting these goods; in fact, some work helps to realize them.
    This philosophy is inconsistent with the reality of long-term relationships such as marriage and family life.
    For instance, Mt 18:3 19:14 are inconsistent with the view that little children are born under the wrath of God.

    In 5% of cases inconsistent in is used
    I'd inconsistent in my life plans.
    inconsistent in his beliefs? Yeah.
    You are inconsistent in the extreme.
    However, it seems that these legislations are also inconsistent in some aspects.
    Religious people think crazy things and are often inconsistent in their beliefs.
    Individuals ' plans and expectations are now mutually inconsistent in aggregate.
    Being able to perform commands that your opponent can't do or is inconsistent in doing will give you the edge.
    YELLIN: May I ask -- because the president did make these points that Romney has been inconsistent in his view.
    Romney was terribly inconsistent in what he'd said, not just during this campaign, through his political career.

    In 1% of cases inconsistent at is used
    This leads to the metrics being inconsistent at times.
    Buffet is truly advancing his own agenda- and inconsistent at that.
    inconsistent at the moment, so not justifying a starting berth every week.
    The frame-rate is a little inconsistent at this stage, but it's not a deal breaker.
    We recognize that damage on the shotgun (and in general) can feel inconsistent at times.
    Chelsea have been inconsistent at home and away with seven wins from their 12 matches so far.
    Probably brilliant, but utterly incomprehensible and inconsistent at times without a beginning, middle or end.
    Before 1984 the conventional longitudes were inconsistent at a level of several hundredths of a second of time.
    It is, frankly, ridiculous to judge a goaltender for being inconsistent at such an early stage in their development.
    Although United are strong on the wings but Nani and Young are inconsistent at times and do not provide the fear factor.

    In 1% of cases inconsistent for is used
    This is very inconsistent for a serial killer.
    He is way too moody and inconsistent for this market.
    However, the evidence was inconsistent for it protecting people aged 8 to 59.
    It would be inconsistent for anyone interested in the copra trade to do otherwise.
    But since the draw against Manchester United, my team has been too inconsistent for my liking.
    The theory (which aims at an Islamic justification of nationalism) is inconsistent for several reasons.
    Observational evidence on consumption of fish and omega 3 fatty acid is inconsistent for cerebrovascular outcomes.
    I can't have tournaments where I am losing in the first round or being inconsistent for three or four months at a time.
    However, the evidence was inconsistent for it protecting children 2 to 17 years of age, or adults aged 65 years or older.
    The leftmost nibble is inconsistent for a sign value and the rightmost nibble is no longer the binary value of the digit.

    In 1% of cases inconsistent on is used
    We've just been inconsistent on third down.
    Catholics are always inconsistent on this point.
    Conservatives are very inconsistent on these things.
    The others are just as inconsistent on the Fire as they are on any other Android device.
    The CBO projections, however, are internally inconsistent on multiple dimensions as James K.
    Because of that, the Bulls will be exceedingly inconsistent on the offensive end of the floor.
    But it is possible that he was inconsistent on the issue, and some scholars make allowance for that possibility.
    Yes, he can be inconsistent on certain days but these occurrences have actually become less throughout the years.
    The most that can be said is that current law is inconsistent on the issue of time limits in medium-length marriages.
    This article will give you some bit of motivation if you are too lazy to finish or inconsistent on your weight loss program.

    In 1% of cases inconsistent to is used
    Seems a bit inconsistent to me.
    Seems rather inconsistent to me.
    This figure does not seem inconsistent to me.
    The guy was just always entertaining and inconsistent to a point that few players reach.
    This seems to suggest that blaming the action Y and liking Y are inconsistent to each other.
    The sexy outfits were over-the-top and too often inconsistent to the show's own internal logic.
    I very much doubt whether nullity is going to be of any use, but the mathematics doesn't seem to be inconsistent to me.
    They focused on those fake photo-shopped injuries when they knew damn well those injuries were inconsistent to what Zimmerman was claiming.
    Even now Honderich doesn't see that this exercise, a socialist beseeching his enemy for patronage, was inconsistent to the point of nuttiness.

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