Prepositions after "in-line"

in-line with, for, inside, on or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 93% of cases in-line with is used
    Generally it is in-line with the torso.
    Your hips are in-line with your shoulders.
    This is in-line with the category standard.
    The results are in-line with what most people would expect and no real surprises here.
    But as I said I think it will just be in-line with the overall reduction in allocation.
    This is in-line with what Lucas told Hamill all the way back in 1976 while filming ANH.
    VL-bus is physically in-line with the ISA or EISA connector, thus all (E) ISA signals are available to VL boards.
    Current Trading and Outlook Since the end of the half year, trading has continued to be in-line with expectations.
    However, the picture they offer seems more in-line with the situation of the eighties than with that of the nineties.
    At first, the mice were to rescue a political prisoner, which, believe it of not, is in-line with the original books.

    In 4% of cases in-line for is used
    It can even position you in-line for a job promotion.
    Some people that are going to be in-line for a new iPhone 5, or whatever they call it, have been buying Apple phones since the first generation arrived.
    If you're a frequent or occasional visitor to the Maples Arena, or Red River Community Centre you'll be glad to hear the two facilities are in-line for some improvements.

    In 1% of cases in-line inside is used
    Determine your focus on collection and then make certain all vital components of the body are in-line inside a parallel style for the collection.

    In 1% of cases in-line on is used
    I notice too that the vacuum and steam heating pipes appear to be in-line on the same side, bit unusual that.

    In 1% of cases in-line to is used
    And the day came when we are in-line to checked in the Disney Dream Cruise.
    I fully understand the frustration and as an immigrant I worked with odd jobs that were not in-line to my engineering.

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