Prepositions after "immune"

"immune to" or "immune from"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 65% of cases immune to is used
    They are not immune to the dangers.
    We're utterly immune to the hatred.
    But she's not immune to the messages.
    Perhaps their 10 cards could be something like: 1) The Joker: immune to Attack Spells.
    The Lucky Country, it seems, is seen as immune to the crisis by its economic managers.
    There is hardly a country in the world that is immune to the growing healthcare costs.
    Ten thousand years of history seem to render every generation a little more immune to the power of the written word.
    There are few people who count themselves immune to the mood-altering effect of fresh flowers, and the success of H.
    Yes and no: ' ' Iranians were immune to the racial Nuremberg Laws on the grounds that they were pure blooded Aryans.
    The procedure was effective, as the boy developed a mild case of smallpox and was subsequently immune to the disease.

    In 33% of cases immune from is used
    Nobody is immune from the effects.
    Open source isn't immune from this either.
    Nor is Britain immune from the same trends.
    In those days, he declared his state immune from the upheavals of Egypt and Tunisia.
    We are not entirely immune from this in Canada, though no killings have taken place.
    There is no reason the BRICs should remain immune from the world's larger depression.
    Animals, wild or domestic are certainly not immune from the toxic effects of chemtrails or from Morgellons disease.
    What makes the rest of the PIIGS immune from a similar fate? Or Japan? Or the US? Or the OECD, in general? Nothing.
    Mali's neighbours must work hard if they want to be immune from a contagion that might otherwise become inevitable.
    Those charities dependent on state funding, many in the field of social care, will not be immune from the downturn.

    In 1% of cases immune against is used
    HOW TO BE immune against THE OPPRESSORS 1.
    Otherwise, he was protected and immune against sinning.
    Human body can be a fortress immune against viral attack.
    The polyhedron has become immune against farther attraction from their direction.
    It is still deadly, in its inherent virulence, though I may be immune against its ravages.
    You have to realize who you are before you can be immune against spiritual poisons and arrows.
    By doing this early, said Thomas Rohlinger, its founder and chief editor,? we can make them immune against prejudice.
    S afe of erosion as well as immune against a rising sea level is the low sized rocky sea frontage which a maximum of privacy.
    This agenda is necessary to be able to define a path into the future that is relatively immune against individual opportunism.
    The rebellious hard-hearted desert bedouins were terrorized into the mountains, and Madinah remained completely immune against their raids.

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