Prepositions after "illustrative"

illustrative of, in, rather or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 92% of cases illustrative of is used
    Benghazi is illustrative of the same lesson.
    In a pattern illustrative of the power of U.
    This is a made up example but is illustrative of what actually occurs within cells.
    I think this case is illustrative of a cultural shift that is not limited to Italy.
    Barry's open letter to the publisher is illustrative of something that authors don't feel comfortable sharing.
    However, the whole process is illustrative of two important observations that are pertinent to the God debate.
    Both Kreayshawn and Yelawolf seem illustrative of the minefield that being a hyped white rapper still entails.
    This is obviously meant to be illustrative of the difference taking asymmetry into account makes for 2xCO2 vs.

    In 3% of cases illustrative in is used
    Few examples may be illustrative in this regard.
    Clinical psychosis is illustrative in its practice.
    The experience of trade unions in the Americas is illustrative in this respect.
    The case of ENRON (a now bankrupt Texas energy firm) is illustrative in this respect.
    Meanwhile, separate categories in the HSBC survey proved illustrative in light of Canadians ' beliefs about ourselves.
    Compared to other sketchbook collections, this book is less illustrative in the sense that the drawings are more doodle-like.
    That's why the concept of That Whiplash, of which gradually turned out to be your name illustrative in the Craft Nouveau Tiffany Outlet.
    Calculating the value of IC in relative terms by dividing the value of a company's IC by the value of its tangible assets was found to be illustrative in comparing different industries.

    In 2% of cases illustrative rather is used
    My rant was illustrative rather than concrete.
    Examples given are meant to be illustrative rather than exclusive.
    However, the point of including it is illustrative rather than dogmatic.
    As noted above, these data are based on small numbers of observations and thus must be viewed as illustrative rather than definitive.
    Its objectives were illustrative rather than prescriptive and were viewed as potentially applicable to all learners, regardless of age and stage.
    I learned Photoshop for a particular job; I had been convinced that the digital was an illustrative rather than artistic medium, but soon saw that it suited my working methods.

    In 1% of cases illustrative for is used
    These savings are illustrative for this specific household and should not be quoted as general savings.

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