Prepositions after "hell-bent"

hell-bent on, in, at, for or upon?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 96% of cases hell-bent on is used
    He's hell-bent on breaking that reality.
    They knew I would be hell-bent on stopping.
    He is hell-bent on destroying this country.
    He or she springs from a family that is hell-bent on looking good to the outsiders.
    The community is hell-bent on getting involved in something bigger than themselves.
    You'll be likely to break it, exposing swarms of angry insects hell-bent on revenge.
    Today's society is hell-bent on earning a fast buck and the importance of good conduct and values is fast fading.
    These are people who are hellbent on speeding up the process and transforming their next date into a life partner.
    The militias may be hellbent on portraying the Bani Walid population as hardcore Ghaddafi-ites, but I smell a rat.
    As said, I have already been told that we will have to join UJ by the WP, and they are hellbent on being difficult.

    In 2% of cases hell-bent in is used
    I'd seriously hell-bent in doing this.
    We are hell-bent in the other direction, and that's a tragedy.
    Oh boy, we went hell-bent in our tactics as we had never done before.
    But the obstinacy of the hell-bent in clinging to ungodly things prevents that communion.
    Government prosecutors thru Justice Secretary Leila de Lima are hell-bent in solving the Maguindanao massacre.
    How can this be? Surely another arm of the ACT Territory and Municipal Services has been hell-bent in killing kangaroos.
    Why is the humanoid alien in hibernation so mean and hell-bent in destroying the earth? Damn, here I go again asking why! 6.
    We are victorious in life, accomplished in our pursuits, and hell-bent in the quest for our true purpose and earthly desires.
    Now, why does Umbrella Corporation so hellbent in eliminating mankind while, I suppose, they profit from selling weapons to the human? I have no idea.

    In 1% of cases hell-bent upon is used
    Muslims all over the world have taken to streets, protesting about the movie and are hell-bent upon destroying US embassies.
    The new batsman, Russell Waugh, walked briskly towards the centre, hell-bent upon saving the team from the third wicket in three balls.
    They are complemented by a mostly exiled microcosm of Sri Lankan society -- composed of all ethnic and religious groups -- hell-bent upon demonising the government and its political leadership.

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