Prepositions after "grateful"

"grateful for" or "grateful to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 59% of cases grateful for is used
    grateful for the refiners fire.
    I am grateful for the experience.
    We have a lot to be grateful for.
    TBA is grateful for the contributions of renowned teachers from throught the world.
    Your guests will be refreshed from the ceremony -- and grateful for the sustenance.
    Driver Fulchand Bhind was grateful for the extravagant tip the young men had given.
    I used to volunteer in a charity shop, and I'd grateful for the experience it gave me of dealing with the public.
    Lloyd, whose own roots are in the Labour party, said he was grateful for the votes Labour supporters might bring.
    We are so grateful for the overwhelming support and friendship that we've received from you over the past 5 years.

    In 38% of cases grateful to is used
    I am grateful to the right hon.
    I'd very grateful to the listeners.
    I am extremely grateful to the hon.
    I am grateful to the noble Baroness for indicating that this is a probing amendment.
    The society and editors are grateful to the Forum for its advice; being able to say.
    Blizzard is very grateful to the support of all of our players from silly complaint.
    Acknowledgements I am grateful to the staff of the National Archives of Fiji for their kind and prompt assistance.
    I am also grateful to Emerald for providing young researchers with this opportunity for our work to be recognized.
    I am very grateful to the Geologists ' Association for permission to reproduce the photograph of Rowe and to Dr C.
    My Lords, I am grateful to the noble Lord for his welcome to the overall structure of the mandate and its content.

    In 1% of cases grateful of is used
    There is hope and I'd grateful of it.
    I'd so happy and grateful of where i am at.
    He Hua was grateful of Yu and promised to marry him.
    I would be really grateful of any advice if anyone has been through a similar thing.
    We do nt realise what we have and need to be more grateful of what we take for granted.
    She suffered from really bad baby eczema so I was really grateful of the recommendation.
    Often, the characters show such deep emotion that I leave the cinema feeling despair, yet grateful of my own life.
    I am always grateful of the way she draws my attention to the belief that much more is possible than I can imagine.
    Thank you for the many struggles I share in this existence, those cruel hours made me more grateful of the life I am living.
    It was clear from the start that he was not there to kill me, nor to make me do push-ups in the mud -- a fact I was grateful of.

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