Prepositions after "full"

full of, on, for, in or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 93% of cases full of is used
    The air seemed full of mystery.
    Selfish and full of THEMSELVES.
    DC is full of people like this.
    They were sitting together on a wicker bench, full of themselves and romantic and happy.
    The early martyrs were full of the Holy Spirit and looked upon themselves as Godbearers.
    We seldom took an evening off for partying the days were too long and full of hard work.
    Let small children play, stop cramming them full of the three r's before they are ready to learn Stop all the testing.
    Sherm's answer was to go up to the side of the horse and suggest that it move to show that it was still full of spark.
    I'd full of fighting spirit now, there was no way I was giving up yesterday! It's going okay maple, thanks for asking.
    As the breath comes in, trust that is full of the love of the all, and full of vital life force (chi, prana, whatever).

    In 2% of cases full on is used
    full on air-instrument assault.
    This was full on, in your face.
    Really full on! My mum's approval.
    Mountford Volupteux Riesling 2011 As the name suggests, this wine is full on the palate.
    Pujara gets two fours, both full on the stumps and both sent through the midwicket area.
    It's full on the 6:30am high tide so the waves are slow on take off with open shoulders.
    I had been debating attending, but honestly, summer has been full on and it was stressing me to commit to another event.
    My wireless hub is plugged into the mains, to the battery should always read full on that, as the power is mains supply.
    But full on debates over markets vs other forms of economic organisation is probably too much for a humble comments box.
    Generally a man will make up his mind over a couple of dates as to whether he wants a full on relationship with someone.

    In 1% of cases full for is used
    Chapel was full for every meeting.
    It makes you feel full for longer.
    I was full for th rest of the day.
    Beans will definitely minimize snacking because you will feel full for quite some time.
    High protein foods will make you fuller for longer, and will stop those hunger pangs.
    It is all you can eat (and great food) so you will be full for a good chunk of the day.
    Apart from two other rows of restricted-view seats, the 4,800-capacity venue has been close to full for all sessions.
    These break down slowly during digestion, making dieters feel fuller for longer and stabilising blood sugar levels.
    My diary was full for the next few months so I picked yesterday as it was the beginning of a two week ' quiet ' spell.
    I was very lucky because the Zambezi River was full and they told me that it hasn't been that full for about 40 years.

    In 1% of cases full in is used
    She struck him full in the face.
    Then only we are success full in life.
    Breathe, kick, glide let face full in.
    Krsna is full in all opulences, and how He manifests such opulences is described herein.
    You have to find things to utilize his/her energy to the full in his favourite activity.
    The reality is that he punched me full in the face with his fist and left me with a cut.
    So full in front of me that I was blinded to everything else, to the point where if I was walking I would have to stop.
    House full in the SL Embassies! There is a lesson to be taken from the stone throwing at one of the T20 cricket venues.
    The waters full in minerals like silica and sulfur are known to help people get rid of skin diseases such as psoriasis.
    The Chaldeans noticed the Moon appeared farther east each evening, waxing full in a different constellation each month.

    In 1% of cases full to is used
    full to the rim with absolutes.
    That pool was full to the brim.
    The rivers are full to the brim.
    The lagoon was beautiful, and full to the brim with swishing tails and sparkling lights.
    Tonight is the fourth home game in succession when the stadium will be full to capacity.
    We are very thank full to the player from overseas and the organizer who made this happen.
    The hall was full to capacity with hundreds of gloating Presec students who had come to inspire their boys to victory.
    There's maritime traffic and hazards such as heavy barges perilously low to the water and full to the brim with cargo.
    The tout continued pilling passengers and stopping at every terminal even when the matatu was already full to the brim.
    The math is wrong, because it assumes every one of those 150 passengers enter the plane with bladders full to capacity.

    In 1% of cases full with is used
    Freeze half full with one color.
    It was serene but full with people.
    Web is always full with information.
    Then one can go to work feeling full with food of both the western and Chinese styles.
    She finally drops the bomb by saying that now, her world is full with Do Jin's presence.
    Because I had my hand full with my own problems, I decided not to give it a whack at it.
    This road is a busy road full of shops and usually full with people but now it was night and there was nobody about.
    The Prophet (PBUH) then requested a goblet full with water after Asr prayer and drank it while everyone was looking.
    He is the perfect child, husband, friend, and master, and He is full with all opulences and transcendental qualities.
    Lo has already got her hands full with the kids she has, maybe she shouldn't be counting any NEW blessings right now.

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