Prepositions after "focussed"

focussed on, in, for or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 90% of cases focussed on is used
    We are staying focussed on that goal.
    I am more focussed on SecTreas and SecDef.
    I am more focussed on the tasks I am doing.
    It shows that he is more focussed on his own team than worried about the opposition.
    The way I like to write and the way I like to explore things is very focussed on depth.
    It's now a tired format which is more focussed on the presenters than any cars featured.
    We've always been a squad of players who've been very focussed on what we have to do in the good times and the bad.
    Since then, I've changed my personal goals and I'd more focussed on strength and fitness than a particular ' look '.
    Gallagher and Fianna Fil focussed on the timing of when the cheque paying for access to the Taoiseach was collected.
    All you really need to do is be very clear about what you want and very focussed on the questions you want answered.

    In 4% of cases focussed in is used
    Its focussed in all the wrong places.
    We were very focussed in this game, especially the second half.
    So it is the back 8 who must be the most focussed in training in the weeks and months ahead.
    I feel that we have many issues facing us globally and effort needs to be very focussed in a number of areas.
    I liken some people's positive or negaitve anxieties as they see their own fear of mortality and possible suffering manifest, objectified an focussed in us.
    The politicians as ministers were too focussed in their multi-thousand crore corruption deals and they were too happy to be undisturbed in the pursuit of their passion.

    In 2% of cases focussed for is used
    Unusual to be so focussed for me.
    Ability to stay focussed for long hours.

    In 1% of cases focussed with is used
    In the mouth, the wine was very focussed with good persistence and flavours that lingered long after the last sip of wine had been swallowed.

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