Prepositions after "flourishing"

flourishing of, in, as or under?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 91% of cases flourishing of is used
    Let there be a flourishing of ideas and opportunities.
    But it persisted amid a flourishing of trade unionism.
    Along with that, there comes a flourishing of the arts.
    For the growth and flourishing of actions, it is like April showers in the spring.
    Religion is afforded more credit for the flourishing of democracy than it deserves.
    Liberal multiculturalism which is more concerned with flourishing of the individual.
    The 12-hour series spans the first flourishing of civilization in Mesopotamia through the discovery of America.
    I agree that various degrees of handicap do allow the flourishing of the person in this or that area eventually.
    This is not unknown to the ancient Greeks in the Golden Age with the flourishing of economy, sciences, arts etc.
    The flourishing of Marwari/rajasthani community in several parts of chennai over the decade bear testimony to it.

    In 5% of cases flourishing in is used
    So glad he is a flourishing in the job.
    Good to see another American flourishing in european football.
    In addition, there was a flourishing in the literature of the field (which quickly died).
    With the flourishing in the Forex online system, the signal system of the Forex also came into existence.
    Marriage to him has been a flourishing in good, rich ground; a growing into dreams I didn't even know I had.
    In the end, however difficult it may be to achieve, Israel's full flourishing in the Middle East will require strong relationships with its Arab neighbors.
    It derives from a tradition that has its roots in Adam Smith and Edmund Burke, and its modern flourishing in Michael Oakeshott and, in his later work, Friedrich Hayek.

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