Prepositions after "familiar"

familiar with, to, from or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 84% of cases familiar with is used
    I am quite familiar with the process.
    Everyone is familiar with the process.
    You're probably familiar with the bad ones.
    The 67-year-old Brookdale resident is very familiar with the fight against cancer.
    Don't use too much industry jargon as your reader may not familiar with the lingo.
    The information was confirmed by the Maisfutebol source familiar with the process.
    This makes it essential to be diagnosed by a psychiatrist who is familiar with the most current ADD medications.
    Photo taken from the Washington Post official trips, according to people familiar with the employees ' thinking.
    In the opinion of one person familiar with the family and the photos, Nero appeared to be grooming the children.
    The result: Apple won't be releasing a new TV product this year, said a person familiar with the company's plans.

    In 12% of cases familiar to is used
    This situation is familiar to me.
    familiar to sports people and performers.
    Serve food that is familiar to the person.
    The quip about death and the silent contemplation of it are familiar to the Spanish.
    familiar to the public, these people are known mostly for their wheeling and dealing.
    What began that night for the Republican party is a process familiar to all who have observed an electoral defeat.
    Nolan created a world that we could all enter into, so it was borderline familiar to us, but still the wall is up.
    The story is familiar to Bengalis under three names: Maynamatir Gan, Govindachandrer Git and Gopichandrer Sannyas.
    The building was as familiar to him as the carpenter's shop and he was just as familiar to the whole congregation.

    In 1% of cases familiar from is used
    The principle here is familiar from biology.
    All of this is familiar from the New Adventures.
    That at least was familiar from terrestrial globes.
    It's a sound familiar from horror movies, where it would be used to ramp up tension.
    Figure 2 Feedback learning loops should be familiar from Quality Improvement programs.
    It was a fascinating and deeper look into something only familiar from the news stories.
    In the world of quantum mechanics, the laws of physics that are familiar from the everyday world no longer work.
    All vivid, particularised sensations, familiar from revisiting though somehow no less convincing each time round.
    The making of this kalonjee transported me back to my childhood as the aromas were all familiar from those times.
    The term broker ' may be familiar from a distributed object environment, but I intend no specialised meaning here.

    In 1% of cases familiar in is used
    Sounds familiar in this crisis.
    There's a lot of familiar in the ad.
    Nope, still nothing familiar in sight.
    The voyeuristic gaze, so familiar in MacFarlane's work, is intensified by the night.
    All experiences become familiar in time if we give them a go or get some useful tips.
    It comes from recognizing types that have grown a little too familiar in recent years.
    It follows the concept of relative value meeting relative contribution to expenses that is familiar in rating law.
    Two English studies deserve to be separated from the idealisticand garbled versions of slavery familiar in England.
    I will hear dialects that are familiar in India, the Philippines, Thailand and any other Southeast Asian countries.

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