Prepositions after "exercisable"

exercisable by, at, in, under or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 57% of cases exercisable by is used
    Powers of several executors or administrators exercisable by one 311.
    Certain powers of State Government exercisable by the CentralGovernment.
    Certain powers of State Government exercisable by the Central Government.
    Powers of Judges and Magistrates exercisable by their successors-in-office.
    But when she became incompetent, these rights became exercisable by her husband, who is her guardian.
    Executive power is vested in The Queen and is exercisable by the Governor-General as The Queen's representative.
    The Liberals and Labor much prefer the royal prerogative exercisable by ministers, or even a kitchen cabinet of cronies.
    If a right of action against an owner, in relation to the common parts, was in law exercisable by the corporation in terms of s.
    The forensic debate at the Bar was all about the nature of the power exercisable by the court while permitting or refusing transfer.
    The power under this By-law shall normally be exercisable by the Rector, but -- (a) If the Rector is unavailable, by another College officer.

    In 12% of cases exercisable at is used
    Each option is exercisable at $0.
    The options are exercisable at $0.
    The options were exercisable at $0.
    Such Broker Warrants shall be exercisable at a price of $0.
    Each unit comprises one share and one warrant exercisable at $0.
    Marquardt was awarded 100,000 incentive stock options exercisable at $0.
    Each unit consists of one common share and one fourth of one common shares warrant exercisable at $0.
    The recent lift in share price augers well for a significant increase in shareholders ' funds that will arise in June 2013 with the 150 million options currently on issue exercisable at 12.
    There are two additional one-year renewal option periods and a final 8-month renewal option period to June 30, 2016 remaining on the contract, each exercisable at the discretion of USTRANSCOM.

    In 10% of cases exercisable in is used
    Both a power, exercisable in terms of s 3(2), and a duty to make regulations, vested in the Secretary of State, was however confirmed (Munir at 27).
    We retain the right, exercisable in our sole discretion and at any time, to terminate this Agreement immediately upon transmission of an electronic mail message to you terminating this Agreement.

    In 3% of cases exercisable on is used
    Here, the options will vest but are exercisable on IPO.
    European Style Options or warrants that are only exercisable on their expiry date.

    In 2% of cases exercisable as is used
    Options for 2,935,796 shares are exercisable as of June 30, 2012.

    In 2% of cases exercisable for is used
    If a warrant holder does not exercise their Original Warrants by the Expiry Date, the Original Warrants will continue to be exercisable for common shares on the same terms that previously existed.

    In 2% of cases exercisable within is used
    This option is exercisable within 3 months of completion.
    No corporation has property in them, though it may have franchises annexed to and exercisable within them.
    The Society will have a call option exercisable within a six year period post completion to acquire Glanbia's remaining 40% interest in GII.

    In 1% of cases exercisable after is used
    The back-in right would be exercisable after the completion of a bankable feasibility study.

    In 1% of cases exercisable against is used
    The power was exercisable against a wife whose adultery, cruelty or desertion had founded the divorce.

    In 1% of cases exercisable into is used
    Each Warrant is exercisable into Shares at a price of $0.
    Each Warrant will be exercisable into one further Share at a price of US$0.
    Each Warrant is exercisable into a Share for a duration of 12 months from shutting of a Second Tranche during an practice cost of $0.

    In 1% of cases exercisable over is used
    Such rights can be very lucrative as they may include: sporting rights over grouse moors; rights to large mineral reserves; or rights exercisable over large estates.

    In 1% of cases exercisable up is used
    In addition, the Company has granted to BNP Paribas an overallotment option of up to USD$ 25 million exercisable up to the close of business on 16 October 2012.
    In addition, the Company has granted to BNP Paribas an over allotment option of up to USD$ 25 million exercisable up to the close of business on 16 October 2012 (the Over allotment Option).

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