Prepositions after "evocative"

evocative of, in, for, about or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 87% of cases evocative of is used
    evocative of the changing times.
    It seems quite evocative of past lives.
    Certain aspects are more evocative of B.
    It's also hugely evocative of the quiet, damp lands in the Fens north of Cambridge.
    The descriptive writing is evocative of sad train journeys and loneliness-in-a-crowd.
    The sequence of edits and stylised shots is evocative of the format of a music video.
    Very evocative of the experience of the roving NOMA team tapping birch water to make homebrewed beers and syrups.
    Images like this are, I feel, more evocative of the day than a rigid posed up picture by the door or wedding car.
    But isn't this instance still disturbingly evocative of a larger culture of appropriation? INTENT DOES N'T MATTER.
    The most evocative of all these surviving traces of the Taino are the carved ceremonial stools known as ' duhos '.

    In 4% of cases evocative in is used
    Either way, the album is evocative in a rather strange way.
    There aren't many words as evocative in WWE as Hell in a Cell.
    Something that annoyed me so in life and yet so evocative in death.
    Although what is evocative in this place is his latest Spring collection for Balenciaga.
    But Eugene could also be evocative in a more serious vein when describing his experiences of war.
    There are lots of phrases here, though, that are not only useful, but evocative in their metaphoric use.
    I just happen to like some of the passages in the KJB as it is evocative in its languae and yet still familliar.
    A muted low note or a single plucked string can be marvellously evocative in conjunction with conventionally -produced pitches.
    Second, the soundtrack is thoroughly of the present and, therefore, not evocative in any way of the period in which the film is set.
    The final scene is so evocative in conjuring up a Benjaminian sense of despair, as the world of Valli lay in smithereens, unable to make whole what has been smashed.

    In 2% of cases evocative for is used
    The story is all the more evocative for its realistic depiction and illustration of Loyie's relatives, who are all featured.

    In 1% of cases evocative about is used
    There is something eerie and yet evocative about those chants which have echoed down the centuries.
    evocative about real life - boredom in a relationship, what one does about it sometimes and then what? The same.
    And there was something so evocative about the photo of them on the porch of their house, surrounded by local weirdos.

    In 1% of cases evocative as is used
    And the artwork is as detailed and evocative as the words, a.
    This isn't a reflection on the writing, which is as tight, charged and evocative as the rest of the book.
    The chapter on meeting the Dalai Lama is evocative as the author explains how the aura that His Holiness exuded was contagious as were his guffaws.

    In 1% of cases evocative to is used
    Not all their works can be equally evocative to a discerning taste.
    The pictures are particularly evocative to me since I was on the very same beat at the time, mining those torturously untwisted paths for hours on end when saner minds would surely have packed it in.

    In 1% of cases evocative with is used
    The Georgian New Town is equally evocative with its graceful crescents, squares and terraces.
    By comparison, Dillon's camerawork in The Runway is beautifully evocative with elaborately lit set-pieces that are the best thing about the film.

    In 1% of cases evocative without is used
    Another thing I like about this is that its emotionally evocative without being angst-ridden.
    Kelby's descriptions of food and the emotions it kindles are sensuous without being overblown and evocative without being sentimental.
    The artist seems to draw on influences from film and literature, creating something that is rich and evocative without losing sight of the melody.

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