Prepositions after "emblematic"

emblematic of, for or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 97% of cases emblematic of is used
    They are emblematic of civilization.
    Surely, one is emblematic of the other.
    Beauregard School is emblematic of a cause Mr.
    His maternal grandfather Ahmad Hasan Khan continues to be emblematic of the place.
    It is emblematic of the fact that these people have freedom of speech but no voice.
    There appears to have been no attempt for the badge to be emblematic of the colony.
    Perhaps the story most emblematic of the forces driving recent asylum-seekers is that of Mathusha Sivajalingham.
    Both her and Joyce's outcomes are emblematic of a kind of social isolation linked to housing, or the lack of it.
    SYMBOLISM The crown is emblematic of the relationship of the Canadian Forces to the sovereign as Queen of Canada.
    Their achievements bring pride and glory to all of us and are emblematic of the unlimited potential of Jamaicans.

    In 2% of cases emblematic for is used
    This silliness about the ring is emblematic for the birther movement as a whole.
    Feminists from Brownmiller on have made rape emblematic for certain things in society.
    In what is fast becoming emblematic for the duo, the release is a split genre tale of two halves.
    For me, the word has become emblematic for mashing things (anything) - combining, mixing, using them in ways you might not have thought about before - to make something new and even more useful.

    In 1% of cases emblematic in is used
    I think music is more emblematic in that way.
    The Ghanaian students are particularly emblematic in this regard.
    The role of the captain has become somewhat emblematic in this country.
    This case is not unusual, but in many ways it is emblematic in demonstrating our medical system dysfunctions in how health is prioritized.

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