Prepositions after "downstream"

downstream of, from, in or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 93% of cases downstream of is used
    It may be upstream or downstream of the gene.
    It was downstream of the Dnipro river cascades.
    Garcia Ave visible downstream of the elevated guideway.
    This site is located along Buttermilk Creek, just 200 m downstream of the Gault site.
    Long shallow glides downstream of Rochestown, contain stocks of trout of up to 30 cm.
    TTC) 15 TRS immediately downstream of the wild type intact TATA box sequence (Figure 4).
    This was the flood event that caught the unsuspecting tramping party about ten kilometres downstream of the dam.
    downstream of this checkpoint are two major execution programs: the caspase pathway and mitochondria dysfunction.
    Good general coarse fishing on river swims both upstream and downstream of the town particularly at the mudflats.
    Once you start to weld, downstream of the welder the gas is flowing out of the torch and the pressure is neglible.

    In 3% of cases downstream from is used
    Most SMEs are well downstream from major economic triggers.
    Including your beloved L51, which is an immediate downstream from L23.
    The downstream from Pakse to Phnom Penh is divided into Tien Giang and Hau Giang nearby Phnom Penh.
    Hence, casualties are not uncommon downstream from flash floods exacerbated by unsustainable land practices (Nellemann 2005).
    The most typical thing is that it is installed in the downstream from filling device and upstream from labeling and packaging systems.
    Because small business is so downstream from big business, and yet they need each other to get a good understanding of the business environment by consulting with both groups.
    Along the downstream from the dam, several groups, as the local cooperatives are known, are tending plots where they grow fruit and vegetables as well as trees, flowers and medicinal plants.

    In 1% of cases downstream in is used
    If you want to learn how to do it (or if you don't know what it is yet) we break down three different ways to keep you cruisin ' downstream in control.

    In 1% of cases downstream on is used
    The main producer of power is the Volta River Authority (VRA ), with six 127 MW turbine at Akosombo and a 160 MW turbine at Kpong on the downstream on the Volta Lake.

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