Prepositions after "dissimilar"

"dissimilar to" or "dissimilar from"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 74% of cases dissimilar to is used
    Band walks are extremely dissimilar to this.
    Traveling within Europe is dissimilar to the U.
    These people were quite dissimilar to the priests.
    Not dissimilar to all of us caught up in a civilization we don't know how to exit.
    We are not too dissimilar to their charitable ideals with exception of our ritual.
    Several people described the process as not entirely dissimilar to a reality show.
    But it's not easy to tell, because the evidence is not so very dissimilar to the iconography of the Virgin Mary.
    dissimilar to many other shoes, UGG shoes or boots are which is designed to get distressed regarding clean foot.
    Their background was not dissimilar to my own adopted family's and we hit it off immediately, chatting for hours.
    Demba Part 1 scored a simply sublime goal, not too dissimilar to his first against Blackburn at home last season.

    In 17% of cases dissimilar from is used
    It is not dissimilar from the U.
    It's not too dissimilar from Toronto.
    Hirst is not so dissimilar from Andy Warhol.
    Dishonored looks great, with a graphical style not too dissimilar from Bioshock.
    This is dissimilar from one casino gaming the numeral of defrayment know-how chosen.
    Not too dissimilar from a player like Matt Giteau perhaps? Comment 21, posted at 26.
    People say he was a control freak and a very unpleasant person to deal with, not dissimilar from Jobs himself.
    They're setting the bar for OEMs to meet (and compete) - it's not dissimilar from Google and their Nexus range.
    The Tegra T20 module is based on a Cortex A9 chip, not too dissimilar from what comes on the Samsung Galaxy Tab.
    While the interface isn't too dissimilar from that of Windows 7's desktop, it's clear that Microsoft is trying to.

    In 6% of cases dissimilar in is used
    Matters are not dissimilar in Birmingham.
    It's probably not dissimilar in some ways to writing.
    They were not dissimilar in nature to this Libby Brooks piece.
    Commonly an instrument is used not dissimilar in appearance from a pair of pliars.
    It was of a black color, and both similar and dissimilar in many ways, to an eagle.
    The result is more accessable than David Lynch ' s Lost Highway, although not dissimilar in its oblique coincidences.
    Not that dissimilar in concept to a Bangladesh T-shirt manufacturer being an off-shore production facility for Walmart.
    During the early days the garments worn at the Holy Sacrifice were not dissimilar in form to the clothing of civilians.
    The point which is worth considering is that man and woman, because of the sex difference, are dissimilar in many respects.

    In 1% of cases dissimilar with is used
    The concept of a metropolis is dissimilar with the concept of a state or a sub-state.
    Hypothesis is that today's numbers/times are not too dissimilar with some performances 04-07.
    There is one version with shiny snakeskin-embossed leather and dissimilar with flat calfskin.
    In truth, it is not all that dissimilar with the process that other young people in other places go through.
    In Manchester the statistics aren't too dissimilar with Manchester United taking the supports 56% to City's 15%.
    Not too dissimilar with the tattoo trend of adorning oneself with Chinese, half the time we have no idea if the translation is right.

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