Prepositions after "disposed"

disposed of, to or towards?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 97% of cases disposed of is used
    Ready to be cut down and disposed of.
    Claim of third person how disposed of.
    The Qur? an disposed of this custom also.
    The wool that is clipped off should be burnt or disposed of in a sealed plastic bag.
    First of all, I'd spent 22 on inappropriate petrol which was drained and disposed of.
    This applies to gains realised on assets both acquired and disposed of whilst abroad.
    Any booze found on people entering the site will be confiscated by security guards and disposed of in large skips.
    See the link below if you've disposed of some but not all shares you hold of the same type and in the same company.
    Old refuse dumps where banned farm chemicals were disposed of and the sites of sheep dips also remain contaminated.
    All rubbish from a boating trip should be taken home and disposed of properly to keep the sea clean for the future.

    In 2% of cases disposed to is used
    Culturally, England is more disposed to a Lord Protector.
    There are always players/ people who are more pre disposed to injuries.
    Newman wisked away; ismost disposed to clor net old Mareerican dentis bumoc.
    There is no doubt that many of the Christian Fathers held this view or were more or less disposed to it.
    However, those in the guilty condition were far more disposed to self-administering higher levels of shock.
    Would you know what to say to make someone feel better in such a situation? Some people are just ill disposed to risk taking.

    In 1% of cases disposed towards is used
    Firstly, Booth was actually very disposed towards general statements and loath to give many specific examples.

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