Prepositions after "disillusioned"

disillusioned with, by, about, at or after?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 77% of cases disillusioned with is used
    He became very disillusioned with Labour.
    He'd become disillusioned with the flash elements.
    Others feel disillusioned with the movement itself.
    But don't be too disillusioned with America- the American dream is still alive.
    However, by 1936 she was becoming disillusioned with Hollywood, as Warner Bros.
    Not only is it crumbling but we are increasingly becoming disillusioned with it.
    He gave the impression that he was disillusioned with Mozambique's malfunctioning centrally-planned economy.
    Think he will become disillusioned with it very quick but anyway good luck to him and I hope he tops the poll.
    Growing disillusioned with the world of letters, he headed to New York with the vague idea of becoming a singer.
    I did get disillusioned with her politics but her empowering personality and her courage is beacon of light for me.

    In 7% of cases disillusioned by is used
    The Republicans hate her as much as they hate Obama and the left is just as disillusioned by the Clintons as they are Obama.
    We were quite disillusioned by the lack of sensitivity at this place and wondered what to do, what the extent of the problem was.
    Meanwhile Tunny quickly becomes disillusioned by the big city and after seeing a recruitment advert on television he joins the army.
    Having been surrounded by extraordinarily hard-working and intelligent journalists, I'd far from disillusioned by how the media works.
    TNA is particularity interested in Onyonka who is said to have been disillusioned by ODM after Raila accepted the resignation of his campaign chief James Ongwae.
    Urban Camouflage iPad Case by Make Magazine - My bestie, Matt, actually made this simple case a long time ago when he was feeling disillusioned by the high cost of a case for his new iPad.
    Now though, Xiang and many others are becoming disillusioned by officials who turn a blind eye to routine violations in order to ease the burden on stricken businesses during the downturn.
    Both Wanjiru and Shebesh were members of the ODM Reloaded but became increasing disillusioned by the rivalry between the Reloaded team and ODM Sibanduki lobby spearheaded by Raila's wife Ida.
    If left-wing activists are this disillusioned by the Labour Party, how can the floating voter have any confidence that Labour is a viable alternative to lead New Zealand after the 2014 election.

    In 4% of cases disillusioned about is used
    I feel pretty disillusioned about the whole thing, to be honest.
    He was pretty disillusioned about his experience and was moving with his Philipino wife to Dubai.
    The leaders at the grassroots are more and more getting disillusioned about the decisions of the hierarchy.
    Is this because they are very disillusioned about the present &; hoping the past glory will bring some solace.
    And a lot of musicians that I've met actually made me disillusioned about music! Were they all guys? Theresa: Yeah! They were all guys, except for Emily.

    In 3% of cases disillusioned at is used
    I was very disillusioned at my grandfather's house, ' ' she said.
    One gets disillusioned at that moment, and one would not know what to think.
    Every new researcher who enters this field quickly becomes disillusioned at the constant bickering, threats, accusations and intrigue that characterise this subject.

    In 2% of cases disillusioned after is used
    I'd part of this group -- I was pretty disillusioned after the whole Darvish business and that weird Beltran contract or no contract offer.
    Does this red flower have any special significance? We also know that the Naxalite leftists were left very disillusioned after witnessing the manner in which the war rapidly evolved.
    In this written part of the interview he talks about the role of user generated content in the future of media and advice for any YouTubers feeling disillusioned after Charlie's I'd Scared video.

    In 2% of cases disillusioned in is used
    I spoke to zombie flashmob participant JMC, who feels disillusioned in the wake of the court's decision.
    I can honestly say that I have entered counselling with good faith each time and come away feeling disillusioned in the extreme.

    In 2% of cases disillusioned of is used
    Bruce is standing up for us, the parts of us that have identified with Seeds, our fathers from Factory, and the disillusioned of us in Jack Of All Trades.
    I have become very disillusioned of late, hearing groups I have supported for the past 30 years, and friends alike, protesting and putting down all energy sources, the tar sands, wind, micro-hydro.

    In 1% of cases disillusioned for is used
    The Prime Minister is also believed to have lost support within his Luo tribal base as some of his tribesmen have become disillusioned for not doing enough to help them.

    In 1% of cases disillusioned from is used
    We've made profit instead and we look pretty disillusioned from the reality of the talent in our squad.

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