Prepositions after "diligent"

"diligent in" or "diligent about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 57% of cases diligent in is used
    Please be diligent in researching.
    He was very diligent in his research.
    We're got to be diligent in continuing.
    We will be diligent in all the tasks given to us in whatever field is chosen for us.
    Smith Gina has been diligent in her ongoing quest to overwhelm our home with beauty.
    Calculating Returns I haven't been very diligent in tracking my returns in the past.
    There I argue that Stacey and the Army Historical Section were diligent in the gathering and handling of evidence.
    You just have to be more diligent in your search and think about the practicality of the results that are promised.
    You can't reap where you did not sow and you have to be very diligent in everything you do to achieve your purpose.
    As a consumer, and reading other posts, I will be more diligent in making a test block before I cut an entire quilt.

    In 26% of cases diligent about is used
    Be diligent about quality control.
    I've always been diligent about skin care.
    The League has been diligent about enforcing it.
    She has good friends, she was diligent about her work, she played hard at recess.
    Our guide and driver was extremely diligent about advising us and keeping us safe.
    In anticipation of one or another of these, I am diligent about arranging dinners.
    Duncan seconds that, saying parents should be diligent about keeping their medications away from their children.
    You just need to be diligent about keeping ahead of them before they have you being committed to the looney bin.
    If you want to be particularly diligent about keeping your cake fresh, store it in a positively airtight container.
    I'd really pleased that I have been diligent about taking my measurements every 2 weeks as well as weighing myself.

    In 8% of cases diligent with is used
    I wished I had been more diligent with blogging about it.
    I was diligent with self-examination and annual mammograms.
    Have been super diligent with flour ever since!! Thanks for.
    Be diligent with whatever you do, people will come after you, seeking your service.
    As a previous poster said, you do have to be diligent with this routine, but it does work.
    Ensure you remain diligent with your safety while you are transitioning into the school year.
    Best to see you general pracitioner for a review and meanwhile remain diligent with your pelvic floor exercises.
    Since then, I've tried being diligent with keeping him awake and having long feeds so that he gets all of the milk.
    He said he fully understood why the FCC was being particularly diligent with this specific information-gathering effort.

    In 2% of cases diligent at is used
    And now they have been diligent at Edgbaston.
    Iglika has been quite diligent at responding to concerns and questions.
    They can never be clean or diligent at other matters until the nature of their food be changed.
    Zambian chicken farmers have been bankrupted by incoming Chinese who are more diligent at farming.
    You are entirely correct in your approach (2 ): be diligent at the approval stage, and ensure compliance thereafter.
    According to the Times, he's diligent at playing pool, cooking chili, playing cards, bowling, basketball and even doodling.
    There is no doubt that these pains bring me to my knees and perhaps I have not been as diligent at the Throne of Grace as I ought to have been.
    Realistically you may not get the supervisor's job, but if you are diligent at what you do and work hard, you may find yourself there soon enough.
    In 1636 he was elected Treasurer of Dorset's Western Divison, a task he does not seem to have been very diligent at, as the court had to order production of the accounts by mid summer 1637.
    Megan Leister, a freshman from Mechanicsburg in central Pennsylvania, wasn't aware of the possible strike, but the rehab services major said she is not the most diligent at checking her email.

    In 2% of cases diligent of is used
    The most diligent of me was to wash my face at the end of each day.
    Being diligent of suspicious activity will help keep you safe in a future of more subversive spamming.
    Odious debts lacking due diligent of the lender call for the reinstatement of a classical and time-honoured mechanism.
    Since it exists only in such rarefied atmospheres, The Monster itself is accessible to only the most diligent of seekers.
    Odious debts lacking due diligent of the lender call for the reinstatement of a classical and time-honoured mechanism for dealing with such debts, the debt jubilee.
    What went on between him and his colleagues and the more diligent of the reporters present was of undoubted public service but would have got everyone arrested in these grim times for news gathering.

    In 2% of cases diligent on is used
    We've still got to be more diligent on finding loose pucks.
    The Green Party, like the select committee, has been diligent on the bill.
    Be diligent on supplier loans, various lease-to-very own options, and mortgage forecasts.
    Note: we found the Traffic Police particularly diligent on this stretch and were stopped several times.
    Alas, for all your sakes more than mine, I sure I hope I remember to be as equally diligent on the winter solstice 2012.
    We've had years like that where we've lost certain guys or I wasn't diligent on certain guys and it's hurt the team in a big way.
    It's hard to be diligent on my repayment when my mom swears my parents have always treated us equally, but my dad has made it clear that he respects my efforts.
    Therefore, the government should be diligent on its responsibilities to the people by appointing people who have the interest of the nation and her people at heart.
    Thank you for this report, and may I add our warning to be diligent on where you get the information you will need to make an informed decision on energy efficiency.

    In 1% of cases diligent for is used
    Soon after the higher ordination, venerable Bhaaradvaaja withdrawn from the crowd, alone and secluded abode diligent for dispelling.
    Royal prince, this is the first knowledge I attained in the first watch of the night, ignorance dispelled, knowledge arose, as it happens to those abiding diligent for dispelling.
    Royal prince, this is the second knowledge I attained in the second watch of the night, ignorance dispelled, knowledge arose, as it happens to those abiding diligent for dispelling.
    Who would not be diligent for the sake of the Dharma? This Buddha became extinct Countless aeons ago and yet, In place after place, he listens to the Dharma, Because it is difficult to encounter.

    In 1% of cases diligent to is used
    I am hardworking, committed and diligent to an assigned task.
    Pai, diligent to the end, and writing out of love rather than hatred for China,.

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