Prepositions after "devoid"

devoid of

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 100% of cases devoid of is used
    devoid of charm, wit or humour.
    devoid of sexual desire; frigid.
    devoid of romance, you might say.
    devoid of this specific gasket, a geniune Rolex Submariner can not be water-resistant.
    Disappearance of letter writing has made our lives really drab and devoid of emotions.
    It is not a pure field of experience devoid of the reflective complexities of the self.
    Lucie means benefit devoid of the free casinos slots games crowding found in other Florida retirement living cities.
    devoid of talent, beauty or charm, in order to stay in the public eye, they have had to rely on self-serving antics.
    If we are going to survive idealizing a society devoid of the negative aspects of human nature is not going to work.
    The people of Hawikuh were conquered after some resistance, but the area was found devoid of the anticipated wealth.

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