Prepositions after "desperate"

desperate for, in, to, about or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 84% of cases desperate for is used
    He felt desperate for the club.
    She was desperate for a family.
    The Zionists are desperate for a U.
    I guess some people are desperate for quick cash and would fall for such a tactic.
    desperate for a shower we luxuriated in the lovely hot water and clean facilities.
    I'd so desperate for the audiences to not only laugh but for them to understand me.
    Being desperate for a job to support his family he reached out to my father for a position in the butchers shop.
    We are not desperate for a new striker, for we have Luca Toni now who will be a real asset on and off the field.
    I desperate for a good zombie show and so are alot of people (why else would anyone gravitate to this garbage?).
    When the dreaded telegram arrives at the house, things turn from difficult to desperate for the two young women.

    In 4% of cases desperate in is used
    Don't act desperate in their house.
    It's that desperate in newspaperland.
    desperate in Te Atatu? Sounds like it.
    S0 desperate in fact that he'll say whatever he thinks the populace would like to hear.
    The case is particularly desperate in Yobe and parts of Borno, Bauchi and Gombe States.
    This has not happened and so the the People have become desperate in there resolve for freedom.
    Thus, when you are desperate in matters of keeping the child with you can at once talk to a custody lawyer in Riverside.
    I can't help but feel DMcW is getting increasingly desperate in trying to find solutions to our debt and deficit problem.
    Even on the eastern European spectrum those that have come in are the most desperate in society some of whom are criminals.
    But Raptors head coach Dwane Casey said Toronto looked anything but desperate in a 97-85 loss to the New Jersey Nets on Friday.

    In 3% of cases desperate to is used
    She just seems desperate to me.
    So, I am not desperate to marry.
    You are desperate to date any woman.
    As soon as I bought this dress I was desperate to pair it with leopard print tights.
    One man desperate to work said that all he needed was someone to ' give him a chance '.
    They are so desperate to live in their own fantasy that they grasp at any rumor floating by.
    He does want kids and knows im desperate to have them but has the fear slightly but is mainly just being selfish.
    desperate to Approach Now remember, this is a guy who usually looks for any excuse not to approach a woman he likes.
    It sounds impressive? but it? s just the alarmist industry desperate to big up a non? story (and a faked one at that).
    The likes of Andrew Symonds, playing in this tournament in the hope of gaining an Ashes place, will no doubt be desperate to.

    In 2% of cases desperate about is used
    I am not one bit desperate about it.
    There is something desperate about them.
    Lenin was also desperate about The People.
    How ridiculous is that! They feel very helpless and desperate about this situation.
    We should all be feeling desperate about how we can turn this terrible trend around.
    I am also ashamed that I am too distressed and desperate about this but that is the truth.
    So, it is very important! The key to dealing with sales people is, you should not be desperate about anything.
    There is something so desperate about being hooked up that i couldnt bring myself to consider it for any reason.
    Tech in India, I wanted to explore IT field more and also I was desperate about having an International exposure.
    I'd not desperate about any virgin girl but all I want is the will of God and a woman that knows and fear the Lord.

    In 1% of cases desperate at is used
    I'd been desperate at the time.
    They are beyond desperate at this point.
    I am starting to get desperate at this point.
    Wijeysingha's theory is mischievous at best, and academically desperate at its worst.
    They appear to be desperate at this point, using terms such as kinetic military action.
    Feeling very desperate at the moment and feeling really sucks as I stay at home everyday.
    I mean, he was so desperate at one point after countless injuries that he resorted to using horse placenta as a treatment.
    Our government will become less transparent and more desperate at the fiscal cliff becomes a reality starting on December 21st.
    She was so desperate at being a badass as quickly as possible that her reckless actions placed both her and her teammates at risk.
    She was adamant and desperate at the same time and this led to her writing a letter, addressed to the prime minister of the country.

    In 1% of cases desperate by is used
    People are getting desperate by the day.
    I'll just say obama gets more desperate by the day.
    Each is a person, made desperate by the world they have ended up in.
    You'll know who's the most desperate by grammar, deadline, and amount of exclamation points.
    Usually, religion gives easy answers to people made desperate by poverty or other oppressions.
    You guys are getting more desperate by the minute complaining about the colour schemes on the NOAA maps.
    You also do not want to seem desperate by asking her to watch the sunset right after she tells you she loves sunsets.
    Tony Abbotts demands for an immediate election are becoming more desperate by the day- and boring most people to death.
    You would not want to sound too desperate by calling up once or twice at the same time you are very keen to know the result.
    Kim is fighting the cancer with supplements, ketogenic diet, radiation, chemo and clinical trials -- I'd sure that would not be called desperate by most.

    In 1% of cases desperate of is used
    James Jones How pathetic and desperate of Toure.
    But this doesn't mean that we've to be desperate of life.
    Dude appeared out of nowhere at the MOST desperate of times.
    Just try and hold onto the thought that the most desperate of times don't last forever.
    UK is desperate of resources, and those tiny little isles if there is sth that you do nt have is resources.
    In the Fall of 1979 the Khmer Rouge were the most desperate of all the refugees who came to the Thai-Kampuchean border.
    Brutality was common in an organisation which welcomed the dispossessed and desperate of every nationality into its ranks.
    Next, who invented coffee filter for the coffee maker? Brewed Coffee I was desperate of making a brewed coffee at home, so Read More.

    In 1% of cases desperate with is used
    Now, Dennis, you're really getting desperate with your comments.
    Child as he was, he was desperate with hunger and reckless with misery.
    Child as he was, he was desperate with hunger, and reckless with misery.
    The desperate search for answers (which I loved because I was desperate with them.
    CNN act desperate with its conservative commentators, but her price will be much less.
    A lady suffered from this disorder for 21 years and was quite desperate with the problem.
    LIZ JACKSON: Paige's grandmother had headed to the railway crossing as well, desperate with fear of what might have happened.
    Even if you do manage to give up the physical addictive problem, its energetic form remains within you desperate with desire.
    At the same time, the situation of the Jews in Europe became increasingly desperate with the threat of the approaching holocaust.
    It felt cynical and desperate with the assumption that everyone on MySpace was some kind of sheep-like consumer and ripe for exploitation.

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