Prepositions after "desirous"

desirous of, for, about or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 96% of cases desirous of is used
    You are yourself desirous of it.
    Make one desirous of guidance 4.
    desirous of stalking the head, i.
    Which five? There will be, in the course of the future, monks desirous of fine robes.
    Gardiner, that my niece is very desirous of seeing you all before she leaves the South.
    Only one who is desirous of power and pelf would leave it worse than when he was borne.
    Man with his entire existence is desirous of this very Paradise and Paradise with its entire existence awaits him.
    So if you are desirous of working from home while day trading the stock market, read on to find out what it takes.
    However much you worry, you will not make them change their minds nor will they become desirous of giving you alms.
    Each of us had different questions, but all were desirous of finding out what Nigeria was about at this point in time.

    In 2% of cases desirous for is used
    Alternatives to DDT had been viewed as desirous for this reason for decades.
    And it is desirous for twelve or sixteen, not just four, more years in Washington.
    It was, however, desirous for the test to be at least 80% specific and 75% sensitive to be recommended.
    Be desirous for the One who is absolute in the embellishment of His praise, and is absolute in the tarnishment of His vilification.
    Theerfore, for my parte I haue been aliwayes desirous for to make yow knowe the good will that I haue to remayne still your most humble sruant.
    This chain reaction makes the man even more desperate for sex/acceptance while making the woman less desirous for sex because it is no longer precious but demanded/expected.

    In 1% of cases desirous about is used
    Unfortunately the health industry as of late is more desirous about profits as an alternative of health.

    In 1% of cases desirous to is used
    All victorious imams exported to Pakistan or Iran, or somewhere equally desirous to them, at their own cost, preferably.
    Fifthly, He is inquisitive what he should do, is desirous to know what he should do, and asks those that were likely to tell him.
    Nowe if the word, which thou art desirous to finde, begin with (a) then looke in the beginning of this Table, but if with (v) looke towards the end.
    Nowe if the word, which thou art desirous to finde, be- gin with (a) then looke in the beginning of this Table, but if with (v *) looke towards the end.
    Not that he was desirous to part with them as his guests, but as his prisoners; they shall still be welcome to his house, but he is glad they are at liberty from his stocks.

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