Prepositions after "dependent"

dependent on, upon or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 85% of cases dependent on is used
    dependent on BECOMING is Birth.
    dependent on CONTACT is Feeling.
    dependent on impression is feeling.
    dependent on your budget a 2009/2010 BMW M3 will always be an excellent investment.
    The content of this message will be dependent on the type of request that was made.
    dependent on the end outcome, it's obviously not good for the pro-nuclear argument.
    Some advise it must all be unplugged -- at once -- but others tell Us we have grown too dependent on the network.
    I basically agree, it was a Brown masterstroke introducing tax credits to make the middle dependent on the state.
    Financially dependent on You Not only do you pay for everything, but he is actually financially dependent on you.
    The reason thatTs wrong is because usersT scrolling is highly dependent on the height of the pages being scrolled.

    In 12% of cases dependent upon is used
    It is dependent upon the organization.
    Many times it is dependent upon the school.
    The nations become dependent upon each other.
    The date of the sale is dependent upon the playoff schedule to be set by the CFL.
    All phenomena arise dependent upon a number of casual factors, called conditions.
    I agree that everything is less likely if dependent upon nothing as its ancestor.
    I think it obvious that our expectations are dependent upon the settings in which our conversations take place.
    For all 2 stage implants, the crestal bone levels are dependent upon the location of the microgap 2mm below it.
    dependence on the vagaries of nature: Agriculture in Bangladesh is still dependent upon the vagaries of nature.
    Unlike ratio-metric methods, this score is not dependent upon or influenced by the signal in the other channel.

    In 1% of cases dependent for is used
    It all is dependent for the sort of.
    It was designed to make you needy dependent for life.
    He is the source of all; you are dependent for every breath.
    This will rebound against all countries dependent for growth on exports to the US.
    Others speak about blooming by work and the recognition which is dependent for him.
    The entire region is almost totally dependent for surface water on the exotic streams.
    He tells how his mother was dependent for much of his childhood on food stamps, though she took education seriously.
    The Congress, which you havepraised so much is dependent for its existence and activity upon the work of the lawyers.
    Sartre argues that a life is hellish when a person becomes completely dependent for dignity on the judgment of others.
    It is dependent for all the necessities of its physical continuance primarily upon the principles of the steam-engine.

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