Prepositions after "dependant"

dependant on, upon or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 86% of cases dependant on is used
    But is very dependant on the work.
    The laws of physics are dependant on scale.
    I became emotionally dependant on the group.
    I have been involved in sites where anonymity was completely dependant on the user.
    They are dependant on the situation I am in, the person I am with, and what I want.
    These radios are dependant on repeaters and computer centers just like cell phones.
    The color of your baby's eye is directly dependant on the dominant gene and there is a possibility that blue and.
    Even those working here, they are dependant on their work here because they can't get a good paying job back home.
    It was not however dependant on Lavoisier's chemical revolution and yet it occurred after the chemical revolution.
    The required test pressure is dependant on the liquid being packed and must be determined on a case-by-case basis.

    In 11% of cases dependant upon is used
    It's also dependant upon other features.
    We are all dependant upon a mental state.
    Because in fact they are entirely dependant upon us.
    Here, Brown, like every Labour politician, wants us all dependant upon the state.
    The answer was dependant upon the order that the data was entered into the computer.
    A lot will be dependant upon the Republicans gaining a majority in the Senate as well.
    The rightness or wrongness of this action is dependant upon whether the Israelites were commanded by God or not.
    Inertia, it will be shown is an attribute of an object of mass but it is not dependant upon the object's motion.
    That leaves the tree huggers proclaiming that the essence of life is dependant upon avoiding pesticide chemicals.
    The light-gathering power is dependant upon the light-collecting area of the lens or mirror used as the objective.

    In 1% of cases dependant of is used
    You are neither dependant of a software editor, nor of a reseller.
    All public sector workers are dependant of the money taking in taxes.
    Like it or not, it's a much better fate than being dependant of you lot.
    As for my Uruguay, being such a small nation, we are quite dependant of both those nations.
    However, this friction is dependant of the material of A and the material of what its lying on.
    The usefulness of any test for one partner is dependant of the fertility of the other partner too.
    And to pursue all of our dreams with that burning passion and desire as if they were dependant of our very lives.
    After the wind turbine installation -- Rottnest Island is still totally dependant of fossil fuel! aha, finally found some coverage about the carbon cowboys being licenced.
    Second; the possibility to present the Music here probably won't last for ever, so it's better to have the Music in your own collection so people won't be dependant of this website.
    A society that thinks so lowly of the most venerable in society, that of the newborn baby who is so dependant of the love and care of his or her mother, is certainly headed in the wrong direction.

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