Prepositions after "bemused"

"bemused by" or "bemused at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 65% of cases bemused by is used
    They looked bemused by my arrival.
    I was more bemused by his reaction.
    I'd genuinely bemused by the question.
    He was uncomfortable with the AM and, I think a little bemused by the writing awards.
    If your interviewee is bemused by the simplicity of the question, don't take offence.
    RealityCheck: charles: 24 Jan 2012 4:32:32pm I'd somewhat bemused by such statements.
    I'd really bemused by the fact that we allow money to be bought and sold rather than used to simply facilitate trade.
    I go past (under) this wall everyday and have been more than slightly bemused by the blatantly misleading advertising.
    Clearly unsure of what it was used for, or how he should hold it, Kenny certainly seemed bemused by Obama's confusion.
    I am sure I had more books than any home there, and the children who came to visit were bemused by the piles of books.

    In 17% of cases bemused at is used
    I am a little bemused at the euro crisis.
    Others have just been bemused at the fuss.
    For years I have stood bemused at hearing it.
    I am bemused at how Aamir is still revered in box office terms for a three year old film.
    She came and sat in my car to warm up, and looked a little bemused at all the gear I had.
    Elderly locals sit in small gangs, bemused at how popular their little village has become.
    We piled out into the cold night air and shook hands with her askaris, feeling quite bemused at finally having arrived.
    Councillors were left bemused at the news and promptly responded by expressing their deep disappointment at the decision.
    The inhabitants of Golden Africa, whilst carrying on working, smile bemused at the girls ' joy of what they have just experienced.
    Her microchip located her to us and later that day she was brought home safe and well all be it a bit bemused at being in a new house.

    In 7% of cases bemused as is used
    He looked as baffled and bemused as the rest of us.
    I'd bemused as to why Ferguson allowed himself to become embroiled in this in the first place.
    Much as I appreciate your prayers Mandy, I am rather bemused as to why you should single me out for them!!
    Faircuppa is bemused as to what the actual complaints are about Highcrest from Skyfall or Its the Principal.
    Littleskyfall Faircuppa is bemused as to what the actual complaints are about Highcrest from Skyfall or Its the Principal.
    After that, we'll all be totally bemused as to why they were delisted instead of being traded out for a first round draft pick.
    It is a beautiful spot, but the club does not help itself because golfers will be somewhat bemused as to how to reach the links.
    However, on downloading, which goes the other way, I am still bemused as to how the Government think that they will get evidence.
    Can anyone please give any Truthful direction as to what is good for us the (Irish) people, because I'd still bemused as to which way I should vote.
    And, although Alberto was not surprised by the action, the timing of the decision left him bemused as the Selecao had just beaten their closest rivals.

    In 4% of cases bemused about is used
    I don't understand what you're bemused about.
    I have to confess that I am bemused about the Buzzards.
    And the client is often amazed, amused and somewhat bemused about it.
    It has left him bemused about his life and what he should be doing with it.
    It is much more helpful to be clear about where our disagreements lie, than bemused about them.
    When talking with CEO's I'd constantly bemused about the lack of urgency in making key business decisions.
    Following that call, I was no longer comfortable being merely puzzled or bemused about what I read in the newspapers.
    What do you do? There's nothing worse than landing on a website only to be bemused about what the company actually does.
    There is nothing to be bemused about here -- this? is not theological gymnastics but doing the hard hermeneutical yards.
    Producer of the show Debbie Schulman couldn't hide her excitement as she bemused about the Nigerian Army band veteran who came to thrill the judges with some good old jams.

    In 2% of cases bemused of is used
    bemused of Bennelong: Shane: 09 Dec 2010 12:48:58am No he has NOT been charged with anything.
    bemused of Bennelong: 08 Dec 2010 6:53:27pm Abbott and the coalition would do well to sit back and shut up about what the US said about Rudd.
    Stewart: bemused of Bennelong: 09 Dec 2010 1:38:34am At least we now know to whom we can turn to deal with the US if it gets its hands on Assange.
    I understand that the ABC seeks to give a balance of views on its Drum website but I have been bemused of late by the large number of articles by Peter Reith.

    In 2% of cases bemused with is used
    He just looks bemused with the whole thing.
    Share Discuss I'd constantly bemused with people's preference for Gmail.
    Behold the alcoholic animals, bemused with drink, the right to an immoderate use of which comes along with freedom.
    Sagna was bemused with the club's handling of star players and regrets that he is the only surviving member left in the present squad when he joined the Gunners in July 2007.

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